Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I kinda feel like Mrs. Robinson!

And to think I didn't have anything to Blog about today...LMAO! 

We are having our fence replaced this week and this morning at 8:00am two young men, no older than 20 I'm up to begin the work.  As I go out on the deck to greet them, I immediately start to mentally assess my appearance without trying to look obviously "concerned" with the fact that I am in my Christmas pajama's, my hair is in shambles and I am not wearing a bra (I am not 18, have had TWO babies and well, enuf said!).

They were very nice boys, pleasant and polite and more importantly, not hard on the eyes so early in the morning. 

As soon as I came back in to the house, I run to the bathroom, do my best to fix this "rats nest" I call my hair, change into something a little more appropriate and more importantly, I put "my girls" in their much needed "over the shoulder...bolder holder".  The shameful behaviour does not end there, no it sure doesn't.

Once I am confident I have fixed myself up sufficiently, I head back out on the deck and holler down at them, almost in a southern drawl (I live in Canada for heavens sakes) "Would you boys like some coffee?" to which they respectfully declined. 

I now sit here in the kitchen, typing away my confession all the while pondering two things:
  1. Should I bake cookies or cupcakes? (Oh who am I kiddin'?  I don't bake!  I meant...should I BUY cookies or cupcakes?)
  2. Should I reschedule my Doctors appointment tomorrow?  It's suppose to be super hot....that could mean "no-shirts"!
The best part?  I'm trying to get some pictures (I like to share the joy) but it's really hard to be inconspicuous standing in front of the picture windows with a camera pointed at them.  I realized it was time to simmer down my antics when I noticed that Ave & Bryce were watching me run from room to room and here's them "peeking" out the window to see what all the kerfuffle was about...

Just call me Mrs. Robinson!


  1. Haha!! Love this!! I so get it!! You do have to try to get a pic though!! I can't wait to hear for!! Lol!! Have fun and enjoy the view! Jealous!!

  2. Hi!
    Found your great blog through Andrea :-)

    As I read this post, I found myself wondering if I could talk hubby into a fence...

    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. LOL Ladies...I knew I'd find a couple gals who might appreciate my "fortunate" circumstances...LOL!!!

    I will TRY MY HARDEST to get some pics and follow up within weeks end...I must say these young men work very fast so I best be on my "game" or they will be gone before I can snap a good pic!


  4. Found you through Andrea... and I'm glad I did! I love that you fixed up and offered the coffee - it does sound like Southern hospitality :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by Barb! I think I was born in the wrong region...LOL!

  6. LOL at Barb "fixed up" :)

    Thank goodness they were easy on the eye!

  7. OMG Ginger!! This one is soooo funny! Love it!! Karen



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