Thursday, June 9, 2011

A little About My Writing Style OR Lack There Of...

I am new to this blogging “thing” but since I love to hear myself talk, I thought I might equally love to read myself typing.  (In my humble defense, I have been told that I am a GREAT storyteller.)

I should point out a few things about my writing style so there are no “surprises” when your reading through my blog entries.  I love the use of … think of it as a pause in our “conversation” if you will.  I also lean towards using  “” for no particular rhyme or reason.  You will see LOL as I sometimes question if people can tell if I am joking or not so I find it best to error on the side of caution. (Brackets) are also a favorite as I worry that I may not have “explained” my thoughts so I tend to put some kinda alternative explanation.  I also enjoy the use of capitalization in hopes that readers will say that word LOUDER or with more EMOTION.  Oh, and I almost forgot… I love to make up my own words.  For example: kinda, gotta, betcha, swarmy, just to name a few.

So, there you have it...some explanation of how I tend to overuse the keys on the keyboard and "type to the own beat of my drum"...let the bloggin' begin! :)


  1. Hahahaha! You and I are very much alike in writing style. I have always felt that my work should be read aloud, so I write the way I want it read. Ok so I have a few control issues...

    You're gonna LOVE the cross out feature!

  2. Thanks! I actually tried posting on one of entries how I LOVE your writing style and how you cross out what you are really thinking...I may have to "steal" that one! (It was my first ever attempt at posting a comment and I couldn't figure out how to do it...I am such a D@mb @ss got lost somewhere in cyber-space) LOL

  3. Getting in on the ground floor - woohoo! Glad to find you. I think we share some similar writing habits. :) Looking forward to reading!

  4. Welcome along for the ride happy I found you which lead to you finding me me.. :)



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