Friday, June 24, 2011

Might As Well Face It, I'm Addicted To...


I have been “offline” and without internet access for over 24 hours and I swear I had some SERIOUS withdrawal effects.  I was so at a loss without my cyber-connection that I think that I am *gasp* addicted to all things “connected”.

After posting yesterdays morning giggle, I carried on with my usual routine:
  1. Snack for the kids
  2. Nap for the kids
  3. Laundry for the kids
  4. Lunch prep for the kids
  5. Supper prep for the family
  6. Coffee for ME
  7. Blog Reading for ME…this is when it all went horribly wrong!!

As I settle in to start reading my new found “Blog Buds” posts (I hope everyone is ok with that nickname…LOL) I am somewhat annoyed that the connection is not working, this does happen from time to time and a simple unplugging of the “system” usually works.  NOT YESTERDAY!  I think that if I do it another 10 times or so, it will work…NOPE!

There a few things I hate in life: ignorance, snow, when people don't use a napkin, liver and calling any utility company.  They make you wait on hold for a painful amount of time with the most sullen of music and usually not much of a resolve occurs. 

I pick the phone up, really perturbed because I am having to spend what very little “ME” time I have…waiting.  To my delight, the cable company has added TWO new features:
  • First, a selection you can press to find out the areas in the city that might be experiencing problems with their service, and as it turned out, my community was in fact “offline”.  Disappointing but the message did say that emergency crews were on site and that the problem SHOULD be rectified soon,
  • Secondly, a selection you can press if you would prefer a “call back” rather than waiting on hold for the next available representative.  You’d think I’d won the lottery; I was so excited that I didn’t have to wait on the line! 
 Side Note:  The reason I needed to speak to someone had nothing to do with my internet problems; I had been putting off calling them about our phone because as I said, I hate calling the utility company.  But, I figured I might as well take care of the issue regarding our phone number coming up as private when I call people.  NO ONE has been answering my calls for the last couple months since switching providers because everyone things I am a telemarketer.  It’s been daunting.  I have to call, leave a message and then a few moments later my friends or family will call me back…talk about an inconvenience.  LOL (According to their records, my number isn’t listed as private so they are baffled as to why it is coming up that way when I call people.  Their solution: I must now dial *82 before calling out to “unblock” my number.  Don’t even get me started on how ridiculous I think this is…as I said above, no resolve!)

Anyways, back to the internet addiction I suffer from.  After lunch, I call back without hesitation this time and press the new nifty feature to see if the “problem” has been fixed and to my delight, it has.  Only when I go to connect, it doesn’t work.  I do the unpluggie thingie about 10 more times…still no internet connection. *sigh*  I call back…again and utilize the “call back” feature and 25 minutes later I am speaking with a representative who was very kind but not at all helpful.  “Look’s like we need to get a technician out there.  Let’s see, the earliest appointment I have is Monday between 1-4pm.  Will that work for you?”  I was so taken off guard that I said “Yes” and the conversation ended as quickly as it started.

I spent the next several hours trying to WILL my internet to work, to no avail.  The reality that I would not be “connected” for almost 4 more days starts to set in.  I pour myself a glass of red wine to try to settle my nerves…then another.  I start to explain to my husband the importance of having the internet to stay “connected” to the world to which he brushed of as insignificant.  You see, he works on a computer all day and never so much as glances, let alone touch the home computer. 
By this time, my “liquid courage” has given me a sense of entitlement and I am now ready to demand that someone come earlier than Monday.  I call the cable company expecting to be able to access the new & exciting “call-back” feature.  My luck has run out.  Perhaps that feature is only for daytime calls??  WTH?  I must now remain on hold for the next friendly customer service representative.  As every minute passes, and were talking about 45 L-O-N-G minutes, my blood is boiling and I am ready to give them a piece of my mind but just as the gentleman answers “Hello!  How might I be able to help you this evening?”  my more rational, calmer “self” takes over.  It helped to remember the saying... you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  After a pleasant interaction, I was satisfied with my new appointment set for this morning between 8am-10am.

Fast forward to this morning, I turn on the computer as I do every morning after the kids are up, changed and fed and to my delight, my internet was working.  Again, you would think I’d won the lottery!  So there I sat, getting my “internet fix” and I began to contemplate….should I call the cable company and let them know it’s working now?  Naw, I’ve called them enough and a little “check-up” on the system wouldn’t hurt but here I sit, at almost 11 am and they haven’t even showed up.  Now I am contemplating, should I call and see where the heck they are??? 

Nothing is ever simple with me…nothing!  LOL

Happy Weekend Everyone…I sure hope I’ll stay connected! J


  1. Ha, I am the exact same way!! Just ask mu hubby...he thinks my iPhone is my BFF that I can't live without. Which is very sad, but probably a tad true. It is my connection to my "blog buds"! :):) great post!

    Hope your weekend is great! We are taking M & L to the circus Sunday! Wish us luck! ;-)

  2. The circus...that sound slike so much fun!! Have a great time...can;t wait to read all about it.

  3. I'm pretty sure I would actually die if I had to give up my computer for any length of time. How did we do it before? :)

  4. I have no idea what we did before technology?? Oh right, we spent more time outside and being least I did! LOL

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!



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