Thursday, June 23, 2011

Need a Giggle Today? Then Have a Read & Giggle Along with My Children!

The new game the kids are playing with mommy....guess who lost?!?! ;)

I should probably let you know that I am horizontally challenged, I am also vertically challenged but that's another day...another post.  I am a whopping 5 feet 1/2 am inch tall.  (I feel a lot taller when I include the 1/2 of inch).  For all "us" mommies out there who are also considered "short-stuff", you will be able to totally relate to this...

Picture this, it's time for Ave & Bryce to get up.  Whether it be from the night before, the morning nap, the afternoon nap...EVERY TIME over the last several days, I walk in and Ave or Bryce, depending who I am getting up first, although it doesn't matter as THEY BOTH stand at the edge of their crib (where I can easily pick them up) and the SECOND before I reach them they fall and quickly crawl to the OTHER side of the crib (where there is no chance On Earth I can reach them...these little arms only reach soooo far)!

Then I decide to play the "Mommy is leaving the room!" game, thinking that I am being so VERY clever.  Sure enough as I reach the door to "leave" they crawl over to the side where I can reach them.  I begin to walk back and I think I've got them fooled BUT JUST BEFORE I am within arms length...BAM, down they go and crawl to the OTHER side of the crib...giggling this time!

Now, I am not a quitter!  So, I try the "Mommy is leaving the room" game AGAIN, only THIS time on the way back I head in to a sprint (or what feels like a sprint TO ME) just KNOWING I will be victorious but NOPE! BAM...over to the other side of the crib they their baby-like Sprint...giggles galore explode.  I'm about to pass out from the "sprint" across the room and they think it's the funniest thing since "ripped paper" (YouTube plug)

Anywho, I proceed to PLEAD with them, in between my shallow breaths (recouping from the sprint) "Come On...come stand by mommy...mommy can't reach you over there...Come On...PLEEEEZZEEE come to mommy!" To which they take a TINY crawl forward...I lean in way too soon...they quickly retreat...more giggling, however this time I am positive that there is a little "school yard bulling" tone to the giggle...LOL!

Finally, I cave.  I go over to the side of the crib and grab the stool that I asked Dave to put there and at the time I asked him to do this, I was thinking silently to myself:  "I am short BUT NOT THAT short...but better to be prepared" (that's the Girl Guide in me I suppose) Well, as it turns out YES, I AM IN FACT THAT SHORT!  I really should say THANK-YOU  to my husband for buying not ONE but TWO step stools (one for each crib) as I did insisted to him at the time, that he was being a little silly having one for each room....hmmmm....I guess I was wrong!

No need to re-read that last paragraph.  You did read that right...A STEP STOOL!!  And so, I leaned down and moved the stool to the middle of the front of the crib, took my shameful step up and said to them "You won the fight but I won the battle" and rather effortlessly pick them up.  I could see the defeat in their eyes but I could also see the wheels just a turning....trying to figure out the NEW, MORE EXCITING GAME they will play with me the next time.  I am not sure if I should be worried or "pumped" for the next challenge that awaits?!?!?

Who needs a job...I mean seriously....I AM BUUSSSSYYYY!!!!!

At Least The Stool Color Matches the Room Decor

I Can't Believe I Am Even Admitting To Needing Stools.... :)


  1. Haha! They were just playing with their mommy!! Too funny! Glad you showed them who was boss! ;-)

  2. Bet they'll be taking care of that step stool as soon as they can figure out how

  3. I am the boss for now! As Olusola said...they'll be taking care of that stool soon enough...LOL.

    Welcome Olusola...thanks for stopping by! :)

    Have a great weekend ladies.

  4. I'm 5'7 Ginger and I had that exact same crib for my daughter and with the mattress in that position (and since the front doesn't slide down or if it did, I was never smart enought to figure how) I couldn't reach her if she was in the back of the crib.

    I'm impressed you could reach them at all--that's a tall crib!

    But she also never messed with me the way your kids are doing you.

  5. We just had to move it to the bottom position not long ago and I didn't have too much trouble up until the monkeys got "cheeky" LOL!

    Thanks again for the laugh this morning...I have since posted on my facebook and on my Twins, Triplets and More group...people are lovin' it!

    I am going to check her out as you suggested!



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