Friday, June 17, 2011

They MUST have had the wrong address...Dilemma Follow Up!

YUP...that's IT...wrong address...I know it!! (Because there is NO WAY that my kids aren't the cutest kids in this city)  LOL

8:30 am came and ring nor knock on the door!  I was hopeful up until the radio announced what area of the city they were in to SURPRISE the winner of the Cutest Kid contest...they were about 45 minutes across town...LOL!  It's just as well because we didn't "tidy" or get dressed this morning...or yet for that matter and it is 1:30pm...I LOVE pajama days!!

I will say that it has been quite the fun adventure and hey...there is always next year!!

Happy Weekend !

P.S.  The little girl that DID win was pretty darn cute!!! :)

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