Monday, June 27, 2011

What I Like About ME Mondays- I'm Crafty!

Happy Monday to my fellow “What I Like About ME!” blog hoppers!

I am not sure if I am suppose to take every spare moment I have (which are few) to think of all the things I like about myself??  But I have to say…it’s challenging for me!  Not that I am a self-saboteur by nature but this blog hop has really got me self evaluating, which can be a positive thing OR I could become a little narcissistic…LOL! I know…I know…it’s not meant to be taken so seriously and that is the last I will mention of my “What I Like About Me” mind-set…promise!  (Would hate to become a nuisance in my second week on the hop…LOL!)

What I Like About Me today is how creative I can be....

I recently made a “new friend” across the street, which is quite the accomplishment in itself, seeing how our neighborhood is not like the one I grew up in…people are so impersonal and aloof in this big city of mine.

Anyways, I created the following “Chocolate Bar” card for her baby shower this past weekend.

(In case you can not read the greeting on the pictures, I have included what is written.  The bolded fonts are the chocolate bars I used in lieu of words.)

On the front:

 To the “3 Musketeers” (a.k.a. Michelle, Roland and Roland the 4th)

I just want to congratulate you on your new LITTLE “Mr. Big”…you’ve truly “Skor”’d the adventure of a lifetime!

From one mom to another, here are a few words of wisdom to help you navigate through the journey of motherhood:
The Front

Inside panels:

  • Sometimes, Roland’s cry may simply mean he needs to “Eatmore

  • When you are so tired and feel “Twisted” and you’re all “Butterfingers” remember to just take it all in “Stride”.  Tomorrow IS a new day!

  • You may feel at times that you’re in a “Crunch” to get everything done but take time to slow down and enjoy your “Junior  Mint”…they grow WAY to fast!

  • When you want to “Kit Kat” your partner (trust me you will want too), it is helpful to remember…Men are from “Mars” and women are from Venus.

  • Sweet Marie” say it isn’t so…but yes; life really does end “After Eight

  • You’ve got the mommy “Smarties” to know what’s best for your child but never “Snickers” at other’s well-meaning suggestions or advice.

  • To help keep “Pep” in your step…take “5” to escape in your mind to a special place, whether that be to Paris, Alaska or “Big Turk”& Cacios!

  • When all else fails there is NOTHING that “Hugs n’ Kisses” wont fix!

  • And finally, if you ever feel like falling to “Reeses Pieces” just “Rolo”-on over across the street and a friendly, helpful friend awaits.
On the back:

Ooohhh…. ONE LAST THING….don’t “Glosette” over the bad days….just grab any one of these chocolate bars and ENJOY!

Wishing you all the happiness and joy!
The Back

I also like that I don’t even think twice when a friend or family member asks me to write them their own special “Candy Bar Card”.  Some of my other CREATIVE creations include:

  • A Thank You card for my niece to give to her teacher at the end of the year
  • A 25th Anniversary card for my friend to give to her Aunt & Uncle (I even offered to make this one!)
  • A “Sorry You Broke Up With Your Fiancé” card for my friend to give to her brother.

If you’d like me to whip one up for a special occasion or person in your life, just let me know…LOL!  (If you live in the USA, you’ve got some really great Chocolate Bars that we can’t buy here in Canada)  Warning:  They are a little time consuming to actually make but I do have step by step instructions…with pictures…I could share.  (My sister had no idea where to even start to help my niece make the card for her teacher…she is a “visual” learner...hence instructions with pictures.J)

Have a Wonderful Week Ladies!

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  1. LOVE the card!! I just might have to borrow this idea one day! :)

  2. Wow! You are creative! And, thoughtful, too! You know what new parents need--lots of sugar!!

  3. What a cool card!!! I have seen something along those lines before, but never in that much detail. That is really awesome, and something I'm sure your neighbor will always remember.

    And good for you for patting yourself on the back for your creativity. Well deserved! :) :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, too! Following you back!

    Our girls were born in January 2009, so we're almost exactly a year ahead of you. It was about this time last year when things truly started to get **fun**, and they've just gotten better and better. Enjoy the journey!!!

  4. wow, you are creative and THOUGHTFUL, Ginger.

    Is your love language acts of service?

  5. Wow!! You are very creative!! Love this!! I am having a hard time coming up with posts for this link up!! I need to think outside the box, but sometimes that is hard to do about yourself!! I bet Holly thinks I am putting her off, but i promise I am not. Thanks for sharing! :):)

  6. That is awesome! I love how creative it is and personal.Ive done something similar for a baby shower game. We did a matching/memory game with candy bars to descriptions. Like triplets were 3 muskteers and big baby was whopper.

  7. Thanks so much gals! It was so much fun to make and give! :)

    Andrea, Iknow what you's been hard for me too but so important to give ourselves a "break" sometimes and say "I like that I....." Come on join in and challenge yourself to be nice to're nice to everyone else! ;)

  8. Twingle Mommy....that's a great idea!! If you get the chance would you mind emailing me the game details? :)



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