Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alberta Children's Hospital...Bryce's First Visit! :(

The Alberta Children's Hospital is a fun, almost whimsical looking place but there is NEVER anything fun and whimsical about having to go to a hospital!  We had hoped that we would never have to see the inside of that building but as fate would have it, Bryce would see the inside of THAT place this morning. :(  (Hopefully, for the last time.)

It is built to look like "Legos"
It all started 2 weeks ago Monday...

He got, what looked like a pimple on his forehead.  Nothing to "fuss" about.  It sat there on his face without much thought or concern until that following Sunday.  When he had woke up, the red dot had turned yellow and there was a white ring around it and then a red ring around the white ring.  It kinda looked like a "bullseye target" for lack of a better description.  I was worried but calm.  I then went to change his buttocks and noticed the same "pimple" looking "thing" on his leg...in 2 different spots.  Hmmmmm....my mind was reeling at this point because I thought in 6-7 days it's gonna look just like the one above his eye.  My "mommy-spidey-senses" were tingling!

Now, I am not a "run to the doctors" kinda mama but my instincts were telling me to go have it checked.  We are very fortunate that our family physician belongs to an "After Hours" clinic where you can call and make an appointment rather than wait in emergency.  I called.  We went in.  TWO Doctors had a "peek", they had no idea what they were but because Bryce was in no discomfort, was not running a fever, was eating, pooing, peeing, playing, laughing, etc.  they had little concern.  They ruled out Chicken Pox and my "over the top" thought of a staph infection (I do not allow myself to watch "Doctor" shows because i have a tendency to over-diagnose EVERYTHING).  Home we went to "monitor" the situation.  All went well and the "target" slowly but surely cleared up (faded) and the ones on his legs didn't seem to be getting worse???

Fast forward to yesterday morning (7 days later), 1 week and 1 day after going to the "After Hours" clinic.  The spot on his eye was gone (faint) BUT the ones on his legs had that "target" look but again, Bryce seemed fine.  He also woke up with 2 red spots on the side of his head.  They didn't quite look like the same thing as the "others".  They actually looked more like bug bites. I really wasn't too worried as my "mommy-spidey-senses" were not alarming me...at all.   I monitored it all morning but decided to make a Doctor's appointment, just to be safe.  With the "targets" now on his legs, I thought it would be a good time to get those checked as well.  Earliest appointment available was Thursday morning BUT I was to call back this morning to see if there was a new opening, as he was the first on the cancellation list. 

Here's a "peek" at those "target" looking THINGIES:

Then this morning my husband went in to check on him, as he always does before going to work and he came rushing into our room to tell me his eye was swollen shut.  WHAT?!!?! All I could think of was: "It looked "better" last night before going to bed??"  (Yes, we take pictures of EVERYTHING.)

Notice his eye is TOTALLY fine...

But this is what my poor little boys eye looked like this morning at 5:00am...

Needless to say, I got him up and sent Daddy and him to that big "FUN" building called the Children's Hospital. :(  These types of situations are one of the FEW downsides I have experienced having twins...one parent has to stay home with one baby, while the other one takes the other to the Doctors...not fun at all.  I am not sure which parent has it worse...the one waiting at home not knowing what is going on OR the one who has to bring the "sick" baby to the Doctors??  Today, because I am the one who stayed home...I'd have to say the "waiting & not knowing" is worse!

Fast forward to 8am this morning, 2 1/2 hours after leaving to go to the hospital, my husband and Bryce returned.  They gave him some Benadryl for his eye and it is starting to open up. *sigh of relief* BUT they have no idea what the "targets" are...they THINK maybe bug bites but I am so not convinced of that.  I am still going to take him in to the Doctors on Thursday and ask for some blood work AS WELL as some allergy tests BECAUSE after speaking with my mother-in-law and friend I realized that he had Cherries for the first time 2 weeks ago when all this started.  I never gave it a second thought, to be honest.  But it makes sense that he may be having a progressively worse reaction every time he eats them??  That's all I can think of at this point.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Benadryl is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!
My son is such a little trooper...I am so PROUD of him! 
None of this is really phasing him, which is a good thing because I am stressing out enough for the BOTH of us! :(


  1. Poor sweet baby! I totally hate having to be the "stay at home" parent when one of my babies has to go to the doctor or ER. That's why I usually make Shaun stay home. I want to know what's going on! I certainly hope this all clears up very soon.

    If it's any consolation, we've had many ER trips between my two boys (Acacia has been able to stay away from there so far) and it's always been okay in the end. I know how hard it is though. The worst was when Dawson had to be hospitalized for a week when he was only 8 days old - I was an absolute mess.

  2. Thanks Holly, that does make me feel a lot better...we've been so fortunate for the last 18 mths with no "emergencies"...I don't tend to handle "medical" stuff so well. :)

    Thanks again for stopping by, greatly appreciated!

  3. That would have super scary! Bless his heart!! I hope he is back to 100% soon. I am very lucky and happy to say we have not had an ER visit. Knock on wood and praise God!! Thinking of you!

  4. Oh, so sorry to hear about this...nothing is more scary than a sick baby.

    I hope it's getting better. FWIW, Emily often has splotches (not necessarily targets) and it's usually related to a reaction to something (or eczema).

  5. Oh dear, I hope the appointment goes well on Thursday. Sorry I haven't been checking in more with your blog - I've missed it! Let us know how the appointment goes. Staying home and worrying sucks!

  6. oh my word - poor baby! thank goodness it's getting better and you really do take pics of everything :)

  7. Thanks again everyone! Bryce's eye was swollen shut AGAIN this morning...so sad. Tryin to get into the Doctors today. :(

    He's still seems "not bothered" so that is a positive!


  8. Poor baby, and poor mommy! I hope you get some answers soon. We had an episode with my oldest not too long ago when she woke up covered in hives. But I didn't know what they were and of course it was Sunday. It looked like her arms were burned. I had to stay home with the twins and wait for the news. It was much worse staying at home since I was a huge bundle of nerves and I was in no place to play with my twins.
    I'm sending a prayer your way!

  9. Holy mackerel! I hope he's okay. Did they find out what it was for sure?



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