Friday, July 8, 2011

Halfway There 52 Weeks of Me Giveaway and the WINNER is....

So, BEFORE I announce the WINNER I have a few short things to say.  Now, now, no scrolling down to see who the WINNER is first....LOL!  

I want to say THANK YOU so much to Andrea of The May Twins , Dollimama and Twins, Trials & Triumphs for throwing this HUGE Link Up Giveaway Event in recognition of their 52 Weeks of ME!  I had sooooo much fun participating!!

I also want to THANK everyone who stopped by to enter and who "clicked" the Follow ME button! There were 97 entries and I now have double the amount of Followers...yoohoo!!!

Finally, in honor of the "52 Weeks of Me" I wanted to tell you all that this week I got off my buttocks and organized my Scrapbooking Room so that I can begin to take more time for ME, doing what I LOVE to do...Scrapbook!  Make sure you all MAKE TIME FOR YOU TOO!!

(Did you come straight down to see who the winner is? Shame on You! LOL)

 The WINNER IS.........

Kaeli over at Kaeli's Kiwis  (You've got Mail!)

 I hope you enjoy your Scrapbook Starter Kit...i would love to see some pictures of your completed project!

How the heck did you pick the WINNER Ginger? Totally randomly...of course! :) 

1.  I put every one's name in an excel spreed sheet as they posted comments.
2.  I used to assign every entry a random number.
3.  I then used the "Random Number Generator" to find the LUCKY entry number.

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 97
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Make sure to STAY CONNECTED because I am going to be doing another GREAT GIVEAWAY in the Fall!!


  1. So very jealous!! ;-) congrats Kaeli!!

  2. Well I have to say, "RATS!" - LOL
    And congratulations to Kaeli- way to go!!

  3. I'm so excited to get my kit and do some scraping! Thanks again for this awesome giveaway be sure to check out my upcoming giveaways at Kaeli’s Kiwis Reviews and Giveaways



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