Friday, July 22, 2011

I Feel Like I Am Back In College...

Ok, so I survived the Dreaded Dentist Visit WITH sedation meds yesterday but I feel like I just woke up on the morning after one of my "fun & fancy free" party nights, w-a-y back in my college days!  I have large "chunks" of last nights "dance" with the dentist, gone!  My head hurts a little and my stomach feels like there is a "whirl & twirl" ride going on.  Yuck!  

My teeth are nice and clean though! LOL

According to my husbands "re-cap" of the events after he picked me up, I was a busy little lady...

#1  I insisted he bring me to McDonald's...really? Yup.  I had a McChicken Combo. (So much for the clean teeth or healthy eating!)

#2 I insisted we pick my niece up a chocolate Sundae.  (She is up visiting with my mom)

#3 When I got home, I insisted that the Sundae was NOT for her and ate it. (I'll have to go get her one today...terrible.)

#4. I insisted that I was fine to stay up and watch TV, rather than go to bed and "sleep" the medication off (as told to do by the Dentist), despite the fact that I couldn't get the TV on. (ohy!)

#6  I then thought it would be a great time to have a "dance party" with some "spectacular" 80's type moves.  You know, to show everyone in my family that I actually wasn't "that out of it".  Apparently, it was NOT AT ALL spectacular!  LMAO!

#5 The Best Thing?  They booked me in for my next appointment at my own request (I NEVER book in advance.  It takes their office "chasing me down" and my husband's constant "nagging" to make me book an appointment to go the dentist!)  Don't ask me the date or time because I have NO CLUE! LOL!!  I guess I'll have to call because Dave was too embarrassed by my NEXT comment, that he got me out of there as quickly as possible.

What was the comment you ask?  I apparently told the staff at the Dentist office that I would no longer be requiring "sedation intervention" when coming to see the doctor.  That instead, I would prefer the "laughing gas" next time because this appointment didn't even make me giggle. (OMG"!)

Have A GREAT Friday Everyone!!


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