Thursday, July 28, 2011

If I can't have Timmies...I want Keurig Coffee!

I got to thinking after my post last week and how much I LOVE Tim Hortons Coffee.  I miss my daily "fix" of the "stuff".  Since having children, my consumption of Tim Hortons coffee has cut in half.  NO, less than half, of what it use to be. (It's just not that easy to jump in the car and grab a coffee anymore...right?!?!?!)  I "pull" a drive-thru about once a week now, rather than EVERY DAY (sometimes it was twice, not often though.)

Now, you could say,  "That's a good thing, your drinking less coffee"  But that's not true.

You might be thinking, "It saves you lotsa money." Ummm....not really.  Here's why...

I have taken my addiction of Tim Hortons coffee and simply transferred it to FOUR fabulous flavored coffee's that I can make using my Keurig coffee maker.  Still, that's gotta be cheaper...right?  Ummm...not really.
I fell like a Coffee Barista when I am using my Keurig!
(Even though you just "insert" the cup and press "Go"...LOL)
A cup of "Keurig" coffee is roughly about 60 cents (give or take a few, depending on where you buy it) and because I really like the flavored coffee that jumps the price up to about 62 cents a cup.

I know what you're thinking, "That's gotta be cheaper than Tim Hortons Ginger!"  Yes, yes it is.  But I also didn't hit the drive-thru FOUR times a day...which is how many cups of java a day I am enjoying with my Keurig...I gotta have ONE of EACH flavor you know! 
Kahula, Wild Blueberry, Cinnamon Pastry, Southern Pecan
I DO drink my coffee "black", so that's gotta be worth something??
So, that bumps the total daily cost of coffee to $2.40 or so.   A large cup of coffee at Tim Hortons is $1.90.  So not only am I ruining my health by drinking MORE coffee, I am now spending MORE money.

 And to think that my husband was so happy that we'd be saving money by not "doing" drive-thru coffee runs...something tells me this might be another conversation just waiting to be had in my house!  I shall keep you posted!

 *This post was totally not endorsed by Keurig...I mean seriously, I AM saying that it's more expensive and addictive than other "coffee's" LMAO!

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