Friday, July 29, 2011

My Childen's Privacy & Blogging

I just read an article in my Today’s Parents Magazine and I began thinking about the concept of blogging, more specifically in regards to blogging about my children.

When I started to blog just two short months ago, I never really gave it a second thought when I called it “Just Another Mom of Twins”.  In fact, I have had a few “visitors” question that title and ask if I feel insignificant in someway as being JUST another mom of twins (really?!?!).  No, that wasn’t my "intent" and you may want to stay tuned for the BIG unveiling of my NEW blog design when I will go into a little more “explanation” of why I picked that name for my blog and a NEW TITLE! (Ok, not totally new, just an addition of one small word. Intrigued??)

Anywho, my intent was never to solely blog about Ave & Bryce but I definitely knew I wanted to share my (mis)adventures of a SAHM of twins.  As it has turned out, I haven’t really posted very much about that, but I will.  After I read that article, I stopped to think about THEIR privacy because I hadn’t really given that a second thought either.  I pondered it for a minute or two and then came to the following conclusion…I am “ok” with sharing my life with my “blogger buds” and talking openly and candidly about the lives of my children.  Here’s why…

The article mentions that many bloggers tend to write embarrassing stories about their children in an effort to draw people to their site.  In the process, these posts may impede on the rights of their children because they do not have access to social media and therefore, they have no way to protect or defend their own personal privacy.  I have come across several blog-sites that have chosen to keep the identity of their children “private” and to be honest, I was wondering “why?”.  After reading this article, I can understand that decision and I even respect it. 

As I have already said, I never gave it any thought when I decided that I wanted to start blogging…oooopppss!  In my defense, I usually implement a very thorough and thoughtful decision making process in my life.  Painstakingly sometimes.  Why I didn’t in regard to blogging…well, I really don’t know.  I have given it some more consideration, thought and internal debate and I feel comfortable with my (unthoughtful) decision to blog about my family openly because I still would have gone about it the way I have. 

I have no concerns about what I am writing about.  I like to think that I am asking myself the “right” questions when it comes to my blog:

  1. Is this something I would share with my family and friends or be comfortable with them reading?
  2. Is it written respectfully and truthfully?
  3. If it is something controversial or “negative”, have I given myself some time to reflect and re-read before hitting that “publish” button?
Regardless of who or what I may post about, I think that if I continue to ask myself these three questions I will be less likely to “infringe” on the rights of my children or ANYONE for that matter. (However, if you ever happen to feel like I have not honored this in ANY of my future posts, please don’t hesitate to be my “bestest blogger bud” and tell me…LOL!)

I am going to try to make sure that what I post will be cherished by my children in the years to come.  An online diary of sorts but I will not apply a “censor” button to my thoughts, feelings and experiences.  I can hope that nothing I post will ever be devastating or embarrassing to them or anyone I know but I can’t guarantee that.  What I can guarantee is that it WILL always be respectful.
 Have a GREAT Weekend Everyone!! 
Happy Blogging!


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