Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Strange Addiction...Eyeglasses!

Before I get "started" has anyone watched that show..."My Strange Addiction"?!?!?  W-O-W! (That's all I can say.)  I watched my first episode this weekend and it got me thinking...we all have our own "quirks" and such, or at least I know that I do!

Which bring me to my "addiction", although I doubt it would qualify to get me some "air time" but I do believe it is an addiction all the same.

I am addicted to accessorising (Aren't we all??).  Not with shoes.  Not with jewelry.  Not with scarfs.  Nope!  With eyeglasses...

I can't see very well at all.  I was not blessed with 20/20 vision and I am "ok" with that because I get to "collect" a variety of different eyeglasses. (I try to always be of the 1/2 full rather than 1/2 empty mindset.)

The Upside; I never get bored with the 'same ole'...same ole'" and you can bet that my eyeglasses will coordinate with at least one piece of my outfit.  It's not much more expensive, if not cheaper than some of my friends "shoe and purse addictions" (Especially when I catch the 2 for 1 sales) 

The Downside; they are becoming a little challenging to "store" and as my eyesight worsens, I'll have to replace the entire "collection".  (That actually could be considered an "upside" point as that would mean that I get to shop for new styles...just call me a 1/2 full kinda gal. LOL!)

Seeing how I have used this blog for my "dirty little secrets" and confessions...I thought I'd come "clean" about my addiction to eyeglasses.  Complete with pictures for YOUR viewing pleasure! *giggles*

8 on the stand...1 on my face...total of 9 pairs!
(Ooops...forgot about my THREE pairs of prescription sunglasses...that's a grand total of 12 pairs of glasses.)

There really IS a pair there!
(These are my least favorite...feels like I am wearing "nothing")

I love "BLING"

AND Funky Designs!

I'd love to hear what YOUR addiction is...
Oh come on now, EVERYONE'S got one! :)


  1. It cracks me up that you have a full display for your obsession...just like at an optical store! I love it!

    I don't indulge in new frames very often these days, maybe every three or four years, as I mostly wear my contacts. When we were TTC and when I was pregnant / nursing, though, I couldn't wear my contacts. I had three pairs of specs to rotate between, plus some prescription shades. In fact...my shades are those exact Vogue ones in your last shot, with the swirls on the side! ;) [I got regular frames and had tinted lenses put in them.]

    I just treated myself to new frames, but I'm having a heck of a time getting them adjusted correctly. I've been back once already, and they're still not perfect. Ugh! It's driving me crazy! I want to wear them!

    Thanks for sharing this "addiction"...it's a pretty benign one (at least in comparison to eating lightbulbs...HA!!!). ;)

  2. Nail polish. I have way too much, and I just got some new ones...



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