Friday, July 8, 2011

OMG! I WON...I WON...I W-O-N...WON!!!!!

I am t-o-t-a-l-l-y screaming in DELIGHT right now!  Liz from Thriving and Surviving with Twins &  Sweet Simplicity Designs  just sent me an email and I WON HER BLOG DESIGN 52 Weeks of ME GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Sweet Simplicity Designs

And that means that all my BLOGGER BUDS kinda won too because now you won't have to be so bored by my current design when you come to visit!  Oh who the heck am I kiddin'...WHAT DESIGN?

Stay tuned for the NEW & EXCITING, professionally designed (I feel so important now) Just Another Mom of Twins blogger site!!!   Woo Hoo!!

FAVOR- Since I am so very new to this bloggin' world, I am completely clueless as to where to even start!  So if you have ANY SUGGESTIONS about "blog design" Pleeezzzzzeeee leave me a comment and help a girl out.

Off to continue my HAPPY DANCE & SONG!  I won, I won, I W-O-N!!!! LOL

Have a Fab Weekend!! (I know I will now!)



  1. She does such a good job... can't wait to see what she comes up with for you! Congrats!

  2. Oh, and no suggestions for you. But I bet if you tell Liz some of your favorite colors and the general mood of what you envision, she can come up with it for you. Sometimes it is best to let genius run it's course. :)

    Or you could find some blog designs that you enjoy and send her the links. Obviously copying is bad, but finding a bunch you like might tell you something about what you like. :) Congrats again.

  3. Hi Ginger!! Liz designed my blog design!! She is SUPER easy to work with! I gave her the colors that I had in mind and the blogs that I liked layout of.....she did everything else!! I am so very excited for you, YAY!! You will be so very pleased!! Congrats girlie!! Happy Friday!!

  4. Liz did my blog as well. She is awesome. Lucky girl!

  5. Congratulations!! That's so exciting!! I'm sure your blog design will be absolutely beautiful!

  6. Congratulations!!!! Super exciting! My only advice is to make sure you have as much posting space as possibly, so that you can post biggish pictures without them spilling over onto your sidebar and looking messy :) Oh, and pick your favourite colours in teh world, because your blog has to make YOU happy!

  7. Congrats! You're a new reader so you weren't there for the whole "oh what colour? what design? what _____?" I had going on for too long.

    But when it was done - OH I'm so happy every day when I look at it and confession, the first week or so I'd just bring it up and stare lovingly :)

    I like to tell them the colours I like and the style and then things I def don't like and let them have at it, and then we tweak. Have fun!



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