Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes I just Don't FEEL Like Cooking OR Being Healthy!

I confess...I had one of "THOSE" supper making know the one I am talking about...right?!?!?!  I can't be the only person out there that just doesn't feel like cooking or being healthy sometimes...right?!?!?! (Pleeezzzeee comment and give me some affirmation...LOL)

I am very diligent about providing my family with well balanced, nutritious meals.  DILIGENT I say!  Just not all the time and definitely NOT last night...

It is important to ME for YOU to know that I have nicknamed Ave & Bryce Veg-A-Fruit-tarians.  If I do not provide them with their protein and starch BEFORE their fruits and veggies, well, they wouldn't eat ANY protein or carbs...they LOVE fruit n' veggies THAT MUCH!  And I am very happy about that! 

You see, they have a few "hereditary genes" stacked against them, as well as some environmental "bad habit" parental figures. (Which we are trying really hard to break)  Both my husband and I have been cursed blessed with what I like to refer to as the "Big n' Beautiful" body type.  We can't fight "it", we can't change "it" BUT we could work a little more at "IT", especially our "bad eating habits".  In our defence, since we have had kids, we are trying to make healthier choices and "model" healthy eating. 
Just not all the time and definitely NOT last night...

Last night I couldn't have made a more unhealthy choice for supper and so, here I am to post my confession, to all of you, my supportive Blogger Buds....LOL!

On the Menu
Wiener Wraps
French Fries
Veggies n' Dip (healthy...right?)

I think I should get some "points" for serving the Veggie Tray AND for having All Natural Wieners (no, they were not chicken...another confession) AND that the Fries are "Low in Fat"...LOL! 

One LAST Confession-  I obviously knew that I would make this meal because one of my efforts in becoming a healthier role model for my children, is that  I DO NOT buy this type of "garbage" food.  BUT SOMEHOW, made it's way into my grocery cart and into my THAT happened, I'll never confess!  :)

Everything in moderation, right?  Oh well, today is a new day!

Time to get the kids up for breakie...I'm thinking "Pop Tarts"...just kiddin'! :)


  1. What a cuties...!!

    Btw, from VB, and following!

  2. I don't like cooking and yes, I have those days where I don't feel like cooking and the easiest thing to do is make frozen food or order out! I think everyone feels like that sometimes.

  3. Like you I am trying to be conscience with my eating habits for sure! Does that mean I only put fruits and begs in my body, NO! I think you are right...making balance is perfect!

  4. Well, if it makes you feel better, we are pretty militant about our food but today J&E had the rockstar lunch of popcorn and a creamsicle. Ahhh, high fructose corn syrup.........

  5. The hotter it gets outside the lazier I get about meals. Too hot to cook. I've found that people have their own kind of stand-by meal that they fix when there's 'nothing good to fix'. My Moms was spaghetti, mine is potatoes, my neighbor does re-fried bean burritos...

  6. I'm a terrible cook and my kids are ridiculously picky eaters so I pretty much make what they'll eat. Some of it is pretty healthy - they love fruit - and some of it isn't, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I try to make up for it by buying the healthiest ingredients (e.g. whole wheat bread, organic PB & J). :)

  7. Ha! I definitely give you points for the veggie tray! And if you baked the french fries they aren't nearly as awful for you as they would be if you fried them so keep that in mind too! Nice job on training the kids to love fruits and veggies- I am very impressed!!

  8. OMG whatever...we eat like this once a week...and I'm just saying...those are the 'natural' hot dogs you've got going on there... so..healthy right? You make me feel bad..I don't even offer a veggie tray on these nights! Ah so sue me...that's what I figure... we eat healthy most of the time... but do you know there are actual studies that suggest if you ONLY feed your kids HEALTHY food ALL the time..that they will rebel? That when they move out of your 'nest' or get money of their own they will buy chef-boy-r-dee kraft chillax.. you're a good mom! My daughter could live on cucumbers, apples, rice, and blackberries... I don't feel bad that she has a couple fries now and again...



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