Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spiritual Sunday- Special Gift

This is a poem I found while I was pregnant with Ave & Bryce, "surfing" the Internet for some Scrapbooking is firmly attached to my fridge and I read it everyday!

Special Gift
Written By: John W. Lilly

Once upon a time mommy and I, wished upon a star.
We didn't know if we'd get our wish, the chances seemed rather far.

We asked God for a little boy or girl, to cuddle and hold tight,
To love a squeeze and give a gentle kiss goodnight.

Well, God was listening an the answer came straight from the blue,
Not only did we get one little angel, he saw fit to give us TWO!

First Wagon Ride
June 2011


  1. How precious...great poem! make me want twins =)

  2. Very Sweet Ginger!! Can't believe I haven't read it before! Thanks for sharing!



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