Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stains on the Carpet...I've Been Waiting 17 months for THIS!

Ok, before I get into the story I just have to give a little background so you can appreciate where I am coming from or more importantly perhaps, where my husband is coming from...LOL!

Just before Ave & Bryce were born in January 2010, my husband I were talking about all the wonderful changes we were going to be enjoying once the babies arrived.  My husband was concerned a little, ok a lot, about some of the not so wonderful changes.  Stains on the carpet being his #1.  (I know, of ALL things, he was worried about stains....geeeeshhh!)  At that time, I suggested we put in linoleum flooring or buy an area rug...but he declined that offer. (See conversation below)

It's important to know that he goes absolutely insane when it comes to stains on our carpets, which happen to be light grey in color.  Like the time one of our guests spilled an entire glass of red wine and he left the party in a panic to go to Wal Mart to buy "Spot-Shot" (something we have NEVER been without since), the party was pretty much over at that point. 

Or the time I opened a Dr. Pepper and not less than one sip after, my little pinkie finger tipped the can over sending the entire can of pop (soda) on to the carpet.  It literally went into a spinning motion, 360 degrees, for what seemed like an eternity before stopping.  It looked like someone had been murdered in our living room.  As fate would have it, Dave was out, so I immediately went into "clean-up" mode.  I had never used so much "spot-shot" carpet cleaner in my life and MOVE, boy did I ever! 

By the time he returned, it looked pretty darn good OR SO I THOUGHT.  (It was early evening in the winter, so it was dark outside and the lighting in our living room is pretty "romantic" LOL)   I actually  thought about not even telling him BUT all the "wet-spots" was sure to give it away so I nonchalantly said, "You'll never guess what happened while you were out! I spilled a can of Dr. Pepper." (insert a nervous giggle) "Looks pretty good eh?  I cleaned it all up!"  My husband stood there, looking around and nodded his head in agreement.  I was proud of him.  He didn't go insane...wow, I WAS rubbing off on him. (I was then more proud of myself.)  He disappeared and then returned with...his huge, supper-powered halogen work lamp.  He plugged it in and as he held it over the living room we both GASPED!  It literally looked like the CSI team had been in and sprayed that "magic blood finding fluid" all over.  There under that bright light, almost glowing, was the pop (soda) splatters from my unfortunate accident. Once again he headed out in a panic, rented a carpet cleaner and we spent the next several hours, washing the carpet.  INSANE...I told you!  (Needless to say, there has never been another Dr. Pepper in the house since and we now own a small carpet cleaning machine.)

Fast forward to last night.  The kids are in their chairs for supper and Dave is putting away all the toys in the living room and I hear some inaudible mumbling.  It starts to get a little louder and I am barely able to make out the words, "Juice, carpet, stains, %$#(*@!!!"  He disappears and returns with the "Spot-Shot".  By now, dinner is on the table and I ask him to please come and join us.  (I was really THAT nice about it.)  He goes into a semi-rant n' rave about how the juice is staining the carpet and he needs to clean it and how the juice is staining the carpet and he needs to clean it, how the juice is....you get the picture.  I then assertively but still calmly say, "It is supper time, as it always is at this time and you need to join your family and LEAVE the carpet alone".  For a split second I thought he was going to ignore me.  (Lucky for him, he did not.)  However, the first part of the supper-time conversation primarily consisted of "water-only" from now on and how the carpet is getting ruined and how that is ruining him. (We are both soooo dramatic sometimes...great pairing but not always.)  *And for the record, the kids "juice" is over 3/4 water and a splash of juice...apple or pineapple or some other "clear" flavored juice because I knew any type of "berry" juice would have thrown him over the edge. LMAO!

I have been waiting for this "discussion" for 17 months.  I had actually convinced myself that he may "hold-up" his end of the bargain.  What bargain you ask?  Well let me tell you.  I let him rant n' rave for a minute or two at supper and then it was time to "shut 'er D-O-W-N".  I very calmly reminded him of the following "Deal" we made, right before the kids arrived.  If you had been a fly on the wall this is what you would have heard 17 months ago...verbatim:

Me- "I think we should replace the carpet with linoleum or at the very least get an area rug before the kids arrive.  Children make messes and I do not want you going completely insane  to be stressed about stains on the carpet."

Dave- "No, no.  I have to learned to  let it go.  After all, it's just a carpet right?"

Me- "Yes it is JUST a carpet BUT I know you so well, stains on the carpet is going to make you go completely insane really be an unnecessary stress for you and ME. Let's just cover it in linoleum or get an area rug."

Dave- "No.  It's just a carpet.  I won't get stressed over stains."

Me- "Are you POSITIVE you don't want to replace the carpet with flooring or an area rug?"

Dave- "Yes."

Me- "Do you PROMSIE that you won't go insane get stressed about stains?"

Dave- "Yes.  It's just a carpet.  Don't ask me again."

Me- "Ok, but let's be clear.  VERY CLEAR.  You have said that you are positive that you do not want to replace the carpet and that you PROMISE that you will NOT stress out about stains.   I need to hear you say it loud and clear so that when you do go insane if you become stressed about stains on the carpet, I can remind you of THIS conversation and then you will just have to "let it go"!  I NEED to hear you say this."

Dave- "This is silly."

Me- "D-A-V-E..."

Dave- "Oh alright!  I am positive that I do not want to replace the carpet and I will not become stressed about stains on the carpet.  I P-R-O-M-I-S-E!"

You could tell he was recalling that very conversation in his head and I could see defeat on his face.  It sure was worth the effort of having him make THAT promise 17 months ago because we carried on to have a lovely supper.

 However, after the kids went to bed, my dear husband went downstairs and retrieved the mini-carpet cleaner we have and silently went to "work".  I took a few pictures to share.  Can you SEE the stain...neither can I!  LOL

A Promise is a Promise & Silence is Golden

  Tackling his inner stress with some humor!

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  1. Ginger, he's hilarious!

    He would twitch all the time if he came to my house :)

    Mind you, I used to be a bit anal over my new carpet as my geyser burst when I was 6 weeks pregnant and stained most of my open-plan carpet.

    It had to be replaced; insurance paid but we chose a really nice carpet so had to pay in a lot and I was super fussy over this new carpet for a good two years :)

  2. I laughed at your post--only because I was once the one with the ready-to-go Spot Shot.

    Today, my rug is covered in cracker crumbs...

  3. Well thank you for that post, when I move to my own house I'll make a note for dark colored carpet. Maybe a floral print!

  4. You gals are F-U-N-N-Y!!! I do suppose there is something to be said for taking care of your "things"! Hope your Tuesday is going FABULOUS!!!

  5. I LOVE this!!! I also love the picture of hubby!! Too funny!! Glad he admitted defeat! Ha! It does look like that grey would be hard to keep clean!

  6. He's a funny guy fer sure!! Karen



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