Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank You Blogger Buds!!!

I just have to send a "shout-out" to all my new blogger buds!  You really have made a BIG difference in my life in the short time I have been in this amazing "blogging world"!  Allow me to elaborate...

After picking the kids up this afternoon , I was feeling a little overwhelmed, under-appreciated & undermined.  To be frank...I was "ticked" right off!  I was so ready to post a rant n' rave but before I got started I thought I better play "catch-up" on my blogger buds posts.  Afterall, I WAS away from the computer for a whole 4 hours...LOL!

And so I sat down with a glass of wine and began reading....

I so enjoyed hearing all about MaMe's adventurous 4th of July and her overall outlook on life and taking time to be "adventurous" and it got me thinking..."I need to be a little more spontaneous".  Then I headed over to 1, 2, 3 Blog's entry to read all about her "word of the year"~COURAGE~ and how she stepped-up and did something that took a lot of courage...reminding me that I need to be courageous from time to time too.

Over I clicked to one of my favorite Dad Blogger's to find out just how "courageous & adventurous" his little boy is despite the fact that he has a broken arm.  Then, I realized I hadn't "touched base" with Andrea of May Twins, (One of the first "blogger buds" I made and who's own "connections" brought me together with so many other wonderful woman!) for over 24 hours *Gasp* and I was delighted to see her two beautiful children all gussied up for the 4th of July...not to mention, enjoying how lovey~ dovey they are or TRY to be...LOL!

I couldn't forget to stop by My Twintopia where I enjoyed a giggle & reminder that the kids ALWAYS want Mama first. (And how good that feels...sometimes!)  Deuces Wild really helped me remember that life is too short to dwell on the negatives because time passes by so very quickly.  It also helped me to re-read Twingle Mommy's post on Monday about how GREAT it is to be a stay at home mom.  Daisy, Roo & Two wordless Wednesday had me chuckle because I know and SHE knows that as much effort as we put into "cleaning & organizing" those little feet and hands that we are so very blessed to have will "mess it all up" again! (But it sure feels good!)  And finally, I reminded myself about Because I'm the Mommy's not so GREAT weekend of sickness I read about early today and thought...it COULD always be worse Ginger...smartin' up!

And just like that...I felt better!  All your blogs made me feel like I was sitting around with some ole' friends, chatting it up and I no longer felt the urge to post about how some people sometimes makes me feel like the worst mother E-V-E-R!

So, THANK YOU MY BLOGGER BUDS!!  Thank you so much for making my world so bright and cheery and not so lonely!  I am very much looking forward to meeting more wonderful blogging buddies as I continue my adventure in this cyber-world!

OH-OH!!!  I just realized that I missed one of my blogger buds recent post so I am now off to enjoy another fabulous post by another fabulous blogger-bud!  Here I come....Twin Trials and Triumphs!!

Update-Shame On Me....I totally forgot about Holly...she was "off the grid" for a whole 24hrs (Shouldn't that be shame on her??? LOL) so I failed to mention how much I enjoy her stories too....especially ones about "Blowing $hit Up!" LMAO!!!  Nightie...Nightie!


  1. Awww....I feel honored to be mentioned in the same post as all these ladies!! Sorry, Dad blogger....I need to check out your blog. I just realized I do not follow a daddy blog! Shame on me! Anyhow, these women do the same for me..put a smile on my face daily!

    Thanks Ginger!

    Happy Tuesday!! :)

  2. I feel the same way, Ginger!! I love being a part of this online network of moms/dads that can support each other and laugh with each other (even if we can;t hear it, I know we do). I've really enjoyed being a follower of your blog since I found it and I can't wait to read more. I finally stopped slackin' tonight and wrote my Fourth of July post so I hope you'll stop by! Have a great week!!

  3. darn blogger - I just wrote a comment and it lost it!

    Thanks for the shout-out - so glad you enjoyed that post!

    And... you do know we still want to hear your MIL stories? :)

  4. You're too sweet! Thanks for the update! I'm so glad my post made you smile. :D

  5. This is one of the best posts I have ever read--and not just because I am mentioned :-)

    You captured what is great about blogging to me--you made a personal connection by relating other people's experiences to your own unique situation while connecting with lots of people you would never have met otherwise!

    I have really enjoyed "meeting" you!

  6. Glad I could take one for the team, as it were. I'm just glad that some good could come from my 36 hour sojourn in the bathroom.... LOL!

    Actually that was a really great post and I'm proud to be included in that group of parents.
    Peace out!

  7. Awww thank you!!! It's so nice to be in such great company!! Haha, and yes, it's all messy again!

  8. Glad to make you smile girl. I love my blog buddies too



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