Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who Needs a Vacuum When You've Got Kids?!?!?!?

I am not sure about the rest of you "mommies" out there but my kids are like little tiny vacuums.  Their small fingers pick up anything and everything from my floors.

To be TOTALLY honest, I'm not an impeccable housekeeper by any standards but I certainly wouldn't qualify to be on "How Clean Is Your House?" either. (Or at least I would hope not...LOL)  Still, my kids make me feel like I should be vacuuming every couple hours given the minuscule items they pick up and then carry around clutched in their fists like it was a million bucks. 

Yesterday was particularly bad.  I finally had to snap a picture of the items I managed to retrieve from their "death grips" and this was in less than 1 hour....hmmmm....maybe it IS time to take out that Hoover???  (But I swear I JUST vacuumed the day before!!)

My little vacuums picked up:

A lid to a pen (which I have been looking for...thank you cuties!)
A rolled up piece of tape
A white piece of paper
A blue piece of paper
A yellow piece of plastic

Ok, so I was just thinking what YOU are probably thinking:  NEVER MIND the cleanliness of your home should probably be more concerned with the choking hazards you've got going on!  Ooopps!  LOL

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  1. Hahaha! My house is totally the same! Unfortunately that kind of thing really is the minuscule household debris that is ridiculously hard to keep track of. Unless you vacuum 57 times a day. I try to vacuum twice a day, but it's usually more like once every two days by the time I've done my best not to wake the kids up, get the kids out of my way and stop Fraser humping the vacuum (true story, he loves vacuums. The big Dyson, the small Dustbuster. If it is of the vacuum or or broom variety he is obsessed. I'm buying him a pretend one for Christmas - best mum ever or what? I'm secretly hoping his love of all things floor cleaning related extends to mops and continues into his teens.)

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  3. Oh, yeah Dawson does that all the time! And the twins did it when they were his age too. Don't worry - no one is judging you over the choking hazard thing. If anything, they're all busy calling CPS on me because I let my 20-month-old around the twins' bead necklaces. ;)

  4. I called my 2 hoovers!! Always finding the smallest things on the ground!!

  5. I pulled a straight pin from Jude's mouth this afternoon. She insisted it was a lollipop. How can you reason with that??!

  6. Kids will find any dangerous thing, won't they! I'm your newest follower--just "hopping" by to visit. I'm hoping you'll follow me too at "Why We Love Green" at

  7. hahaha this my dear is hilarious!

  8. I'm the opposite (my kids are older - 3, 5, 7) - they drop crumbs everywhere like they are Hansel and Gretel. x



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