Friday, August 12, 2011

Come Take A Peek At My Dinosaur! Part II

In the event that you missed my original dinosaur...I mean cell phone post, I encourage you to have a read because you will find this update even more "amusing" if you do! :)

As I mentioned in my first post, I was not at all ashamed or embarrassed by my "old" cell phone.  It was functional.  I also mentioned in my first post, I would like an "upgrade" should/when the ole' dinosaur died.  Nothing fancy, just something that would allow me to "tweet/text" easily, you know, a keyboard of some sort.

Well, THAT phone did die...just before we headed on our Vay-K.  My husband & I felt it was important that I have a phone while me and the kiddies were away so we were pressed for time to get a new one.    I was soooo excited when I began to envision the new phone and all the fun & exciting things I would be able to do on it.  *insert a gleeful smile here*

That lasted about 2 seconds.  Here is the phone that Daddy Dave returned from the store with...

YES!  It really IS the NEW Dinosaur...I mean phone!
(Notice the SIMPLE FLIP description on the side?!?)

Can you see the difference? 

I was so deflate when he proudly pulled my NEW phone out of the bag.  It wasn't even a different color.  Red?  Pink?  Blue?  NOPE! Black.  When I asked why he didn't at least get me the pink one, he said he refused to be seen in public with a pink phone.  (Ummm...isn't it MY phone?!?!?!) 

I then went on to complain discuss about not even getting a small upgrade to a keyboard model and how it was the EXACT SAME PHONE.  WTH? 

Dave responded to my rant questions in a calm, rational tone, "What are YOU talking about "not an upgrade??"  It has a camera!"  I couldn't does in fact have a camera.  Geessshhhhh! 

As I have said before, it's all about baby steps 'round these parts.  LMAO!

Happy Giggles Friday Everyone!


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