Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girlz Trips Rule! (Not to mention, they make me a MUCH better mom)

I am lucky...I am VERY lucky!  I get to "escape" from the homestead, on average, once a month for a night or TWO.

I know.  VERY LUCKY.  In the last 6 months I have been on 2 scrapbooking weekends, a 4 day Las Vegas trip, 1 night in the mountains and 1 night- 2 days, in Toronto.  Fo-rtunate Fo-Sure!

These little "get-a-ways" are so much fun and in all honesty, they make me a better mom.  I started my family late in life, so I know the joys AND value of "girlz only breaks" from reality.  If I didn't get to "escape" from time to time, I think I might be a little less patient...a little less engaging...a little less sane! I'm just being honest...

Anywho, this past Tuesday and Wednesday was my latest Girlz Trip.  My sister and my two Real Life Hometown Besties, LeeAnn & Karen went to Toronto to catch the Broadway production of Billy Elliot.  I also met up with two of my University Besties for a quick...way too short visit.  It was WONDERFUL!

Ruth & Tanya Opening Up Their
Welcome Baby Gifts...Oprah Style! (check it out)

I had an absolutely terrific visit with my two girlfriends from University.  I had only planned a couple hours for the visit and I should have known that that was an absurdly short amount of time.  Although we haven't been "close" for sometime, in fact the last we had seen each other was over 3 years, when we DO get together it is like no time has passed whatsoever.  You know that you have a genuine friendship and bond when you can go over 1000 days without speaking and then connect in an instant the minute your eyes meet...we have decided that we can not let more than one year pass between visits and I hope we honor that.

I found the production of Billy Elliot to be less than impressive, although my friend Karen would strongly disagree.  Out of the four of us, she was the only one who was looking forward to returning after intermission.  I have been to see several Broadway shows and I have to say that this one is the 2nd worst, not far behind Rent.  I think I have come to realize that I much prefer the more LIGHTS...CAMERA...ACTION type performances...not so much the theatrical ones.  If it doesn't have a helicopter landing in the middle of the stage or a gondola "sailing" across the floor, well, I'm just not that impressed or interested.  (It also helps if the seats are wider and more comfortable than the average commercial airlines.  The theatre was so uncomfortable.)

All and all the trip was a HUGE success.  However, there were a few mishaps along the way.  They say it comes in 3's but we only made it to 2...lucky "us"! LOL!

The first was when we were checking out of the hotel, which by the way was amazing.  Our room over looked the stadium where the Toronto Blue Jays play!  How fabulous would it be to watch a game from your room or better yet...a concert???  I felt like royalty, even though there was nothing going on.  They were "tearing" it all down BUT it was still something to see.

Karen, Me, Chery & LeeAnn

Isn't that TOTALLY cool?

Anywho, when we were taking the luggage out to the car, my girlfriend LeeAnn was NOT informed that there was a FULL bottle of the "Captain's" on board her luggage...disaster ensued as the carry-on bag fell from the top of her rolling suitcase.  My sister and I both GASPED as we heard the "clunk" of the sweet-captain hitting the floor.  What a stinky mess we left in the lobby. LOL!

Marking our "territory" in Toronto!

R.I.P.  "Morgan" we love you and we will miss you!

The second "incident" was quite traumatic at least for my girlfriend LeeAnn.  Are you sensing a trend here??  Oh yes, it is NEVER a dull moment when I am with any of my Girlz but when LeeAnn and I are together...we seem to "attract" trouble!  LOL!

We had decided to hit the mall before dropping Karen off at the airport.  The shopping trip was quit uneventful until we headed into the Natural Store to check out the Divacup  , another post....another time. 

The Scene of the Mugging...at least that's what LeeAnn Called it!
(Did I mention my friends are usually AS, if not MORE, dramatic than me? LOL!)

I was quite engaged with the saleswoman's "pitch" of the product, when all of a sudden I hear LeeAnn say, "You had your hand in my purse!"  I immediately glanced over because at first I thought she was having "fun".  OH NO SHE WASN'T! 

I could tell by the look in her eyes that something was W-R-O-N-G.  So, I asked what was going on and I could see the tension in her body and the panic fire in her eyes....I thought to myself immediately, "This CAN NOT be good!".

"HE" (pointing in the direction of some man) had his hands in MY purse!", she exclaimed.  I was JUST about to confront the guy myself UNTIL my eyes met his and let me tell you....he had some serious "crazy" going on.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.  Again, I thought to myself, "This is SO NOT good!!" 

He started becoming VERY defensive and was "starring down" my girlfriend and cussing, quite loudly I might add, "What the $%^# are you talking about you B*&CH?"  LeeAnn was NOT backing down.  I'm  not sure if she didn't see the same "crazy" going on that I did but I was sure it was gonna get ugly pretty fast.

I immediately and somewhat in a panic announced, "LETS GO!!  Come on...it's time to leave!" and I quickly ushered the girls outta the store.  My sister, gotta love her, missed the WHOLE episode and was quite "annoyed" (she would disagree) that she had to leave....LOL!

It didn't end there...nope.  He continued to use profane language and as we were marching up the mall he stood "glaring" at us from the front of the store.  I was convinced he was gonna follow us to our car and accost us.  I remained in a panic calm until we were safely in our car.

As it turns out, what he had been reaching for in my friends purse was NOT her wallet.  Oh no, it sure wasn't...

It DOES look like a wallet...doesn't it?

Wouldn't he have been sorely disappointed.  What did he expect?  We were after all looking at the Divacup! LMAO!

Yup!  A "fine" assortment of Maxi Pads would have been his BIG "Score"!

Never a dull moment on Girlz Only Trips! N-E-V-E-R!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


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