Friday, August 19, 2011

Having Lunch With Dad...Over 2000 Km's Away!

Technology can be a wonderful thing!!
Ave & Bryce enjoyed having lunch with dad and he's over 2000 kilometers away.  Skype is amazing!!

Being away from daddy is really "tuff" but it makes it just a little bit easier when they can see him via the computer.  Daddy Dave spent over 40 minutes talking and reading them their favorite books!

Ave, Bryce & I leave London for the L-O-N-G 10-12 hour drive to Timmins on Sunday.  I am sooooo nervous!  They have never been on such a long road trip before.  I've got all the snacks and drinks ready, oh and I bought them those "dual" DVD players in hopes that might entertain them for part of the journey???

Wish us luck! ;)

Only 3 more sleeps until Dad joins us in Northern Ontario!!  WooHoo!!


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