Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spiritual Sunday- It Was Jesus

As I have mentioned, I do not go to Church (regularly) and I have never read the Bible.  However, I really would like to attend Church and more importantly, I want my children to believe and have a sense of a “higher power” . 

Currently, my husband and I differ on how that should be achieved.  The Church I want to go to is not your "typical-conservative" House of God.  It is what might be classified as “New Age” or as my husband likes to call it  a “Smoke and Mirrors...Hokey Pokey” Church. He was born and raised Catholic.

I have attended a few services at the local “New Age” Church where I live and I absolutely love the up-beat, full band-modern musical songs and more importantly the religious “conversations”, if you will, that happen in plain, understandable language.  The messages, from what little I know, ARE from the Holy Book.  I am not sure if it is the way in which the stories are being told or the wonderful music that accompanies them BUT whatever IT is...I love it and I feel connected to “something” greater than me when I am there.

I suppose the kids and I could go without my husband but I am really wanting our "religion path" to be taken on an united front.   So until then, I will keep on with my Spiritual Sunday Posts and leave you with a song that I find exhilarating to listen too and  one that I think teaches Religion.  

On a "spiritually positive" note...Mr. Johnny Cash is someone BOTH my husband and I love to listen too!! (Hey, it's all about taking "Baby Steps"!)

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