Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I Love About Me- Guest Post...Kinda!

Hello Friends & Happy Monday!

I am once again linking up with Twingle Mommy and Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun for their What I Love About Me linky. 

It IS true...I am STILL on holidays and Lovin' Every Minute of It!  As I mentioned in my Time For A Vay-K post, this is the holiday I look forward to most every year because I get the best of both worlds...time with my family AND time with my friends.  I have made a NEW friend (S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E) LOL and with her permission I am submitting a "Guest Post" for this weeks, What I Love About Me Blog Hop!

My RL Bestie, LeeAnn and her family have some FA-bulous neighbours!  I am so very full of city-envy (in a good way though) because in my opinion, city neighbours can't hold a candle to the genuine, "We've Got Your Back" kinda relationship that smaller town neighbours do.  (By the way...I have found out Where The Children small towns!)

Anywho, Estelle is my friend's neighbour.  If you have a second please check out her party decorating business PERFECT SETTINGS (Let's help her get an Alexa reading.)!  We I got to obsessing talking about my Blog and she was kind enough to go have a "gander" that same night.  The next day she returned with this HUGE binder filled with her own memories as a mom of 3 children, who are now 14, 18 & 19.  (Some of the nicest, most polite, interactive, respectful teenagers I have EVER been around by the way!)  I was so excited to have a "gander" at her pre-blog-era collection of stories and I was blown away by some of the things she had written and documented.  Poems, articles,  jokes, etc.  It really helps solidify my decision to Blog because as she was going through it she was so excited and emotional about the contents and you could just see memories coming back...I know my Blog will provide that same "joy" years from now.

Long story short (ya right, as if I can EVER make a long story short...LOL!) I have asked her if she would be okay with me posting a few things from her book-of-memories and to my delight she agreed.  I think all my fellow mommies out there will truly appreciate Estelle's insight and forethought to document her life as a SAHM without the ease of modern technology.  (Just when I thought that things are changing way to fast, along she came to remind me that "Good Mom's" are "Good Mom's" no matter the world around them!)

What Did Estelle Love About Herself as a Mom of 3 Small Children Over 14 Years Ago?  How she was able to sit down one day and write out her definition of a good mom in hopes that she could read it when she started feeling like she was "falling short"!

Excerpt from- My Definition of a Mom (Written by Estelle)
  • A good mom is sitting at her computer typing this to remind herself that she IS a Good Mom
  • A good mom is always ready to listen to their kids when they finally need to open up and talk.  Even if it is while the dog is howling, the supper is burning and someone is knocking at the door.
  • A good mom knows how to put good manners into play, discipline and reprimand even when her heart is shattered because that wonderful little face has done something wrong.
  • A good mom is someone who intends to make all their Halloween costumes but manages to pull  something together the night before the trick or treaters go out.
  • A good mom puts housework on hold because all the kids are playing and working together without fighting and she doesn't want to miss out on all the fun!
  • A good mom thinks about Christmas in August and starts putting money aside for gifts.
  • A good mom tries to keep all those pictures, baby books and special keepsakes organized for that "someday" when you can sit together and reminisce.
  • A good mom goes out shopping with all 3 kids with a long list of errands in tow and comes back 5 hours later with only 3 items checked off that list and this mom is ok with that.
  • A good mom gives her kids hug n' kisses every chance she gets and takes all the butterfly kisses, winks and peanut butter/chocolate "smooches" she can.
  • A good mom is suppose to somehow magically pull a rabbit out of a hat because someone forgot to give you a note from school that says they need treats, a costume or money AND it's 5 minutes until the bus arrives.
  • A good mom is suppose to know where they left their odds and ends that never get picked up.
  • A good mom knows that she is dong the best she can without a book on "how-to".  She knows that today her kids may not appreciate everything she has done but someday they will.
  • A good mom wraps her arms around her kids and finds a band-aid quickly when they get hurt.
  • A good mom tries to always be on step ahead of everyone else; you need to have ready made snacks, cold juices, clean socks, hair clips, a brush at hand, damp facecloths, extra shoe-laces for emergency cases, extra sweaters, pants & underwear for a quick trip to town just in case of spills or unexpected nosebleeds, meals planned, outfits for school planned (even if your younger daughter doesn't approve of what you have picked out), working the washer & dryer overtime, snacks for lunches AND you can't forget to freeze the juice boxes the night before so they can have a cold drink for lunch!
And last but not least A GOOD MOM can stop typing this because now she feels so much better about herself and what she actually does around here.  Someday these little ones will grow up and I'm sure they will remember some of the "good stuff" I did and they can pass it down to their little ones because I've learned all this and more from my own mom!  Thanks mom! I LOVE YOU

Thanks so much Estelle for letting me share this with my Bloggy Buds!  I think you have motivated me to sit down and write my own "My Definition of a Mom" list.

How 'Bout You Ladies?  I think we should all do this because our kids WILL need reminders that WE ARE GOOD MOMS, especially during the teenage years...LOL!!

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