Monday, August 22, 2011

Why (not) Just Another Mom of Twins? Let me share...

I am linking up with Twingle Mommy and Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun for their What I Love About Me linky.  I just couldn't resist, even being away on holidays and all...I've missed the last 2 weeks and well, that makes me sad. :)


What I am LOVIN' about me this week is that I am a VERY Proud Mommy of Twins!!!

So for those of you who have just recently starting to follow me in the "Bloggy World" you may not know that my blog was originally titled Just Another Mom of Twins.  However, I had a few inquisitive readers email me privately and ask, something along the lines of;

 "Do you feel insignificant as a mom of twins?", no I do not. 


"Do you feel like your life is defined as being "just a mom of twins"?", no I do not.

But thank you for making me reflect and analyze my Blog Title because I can totally see how THAT may have been the message being conveyed. (Really?!?!)

I suppose in some way, my original title was my finger nose up at the people in the world that have TRIED to make me feel that way.

Allow me to elaborate...

There have been many annoying interesting interactions with complete strangers while I have been "out n' about" with Ave & Bryce.  Don't get me wrong, I have always loved being the centre of attention.  I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I still don't mind being in the "spotlight" from time to time.  However, as I have aged and matured...I prefer it more when it is in a "positive light" rather than a negative or insignificant one.

If you remember one of my first posts, Oh Look Twins! Were They Conceived Naturally?  (You can click here if you haven't read that one yet!) you know that I don't mind talking and sharing with others about my journey to motherhood.  Sure, I might get a little annoyed form time to time but in all honesty, I love talking about my two little miracles and how they came into my life.    But what I don't really appreciate and take some offense to on behalf of ALL twin  mommies, is when people have been so rude as to make me feel that my accomplishment in bring two beautiful children into this world (at the same time) is somehow...boring or "ordinary"!

Again, allow me elaborate...

There have been two different occurrences when I have "overheard" people making comments that I thought were inappropriate and very insensitive.  In their defense, I don't think that they intended to have me hear their comments....but I did. 

The first was a few months ago when Ave, Bryce & I were enjoying lunch at the mall.  There were two mommies sitting just beside us with their children.  Bryce smiled their way and one mom "gooed and gawd" over him and asked if "they" were twins.  I replied "They Sure Are."  She responded with, "I don't know how you do it.  I can hardly handle one.  You must be a super-mom.  They are beautiful."  I smiled and said, "Thank You."  A few moments later, that same mom leaned into her friend and said (rather loudly, I might add), "You see so many twins these days.   I'm only really in awe when I see mom's with triples and there is lots of "those" around too!"  I was choked.  W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R!  Why  call me a "super-mom" if you're really NOT THAT impressed?

The second incident was not as "annoying" but it did affect me nonetheless.  Ave, Bryce & I were once again in the mall walking around (maybe I just need to stay away from the mall...LOL!), and we passed a couple and I heard the woman say loud and clear, "That's the 3rd set of twins today.  There must be something in the water!".   I am sure it was a harmless comment, meant in jest but it "stung" me a little...ok, a lot. (I sure wish it would have been as easy as "drinking water" to conceive...if they only knew.)

These two "innocent" and random interactions with strangers was where I was coming from when I first named my blog.  I have since reevaluated, reflected and renamed it accordingly.

Summer 2010

For the record, I AM A VERY PROUD mama of twins and that is why I have added the (not) to the title of my blog.  Along with the fact that I am (not) JUST another mom of twins. I am so much more than that...or at least I would like to think so.  LOL!

Summer 2011

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