Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daddy Dave Dishes on Donnerstag (That's German for Thursday!)

Since I started this blog for the purpose of "journaling" for our kiddies...I thought it was only appropriate that Daddy gets in on the act too...don't you agree?  (I thought so...great minds DO think alike.)

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that Daddy Dave has reluctantly agreed to  embrace accept my blogging addiction dedication and make a weekly contribution on Donnerstag's...that's German for Thursday's.  (It's the only "D" word I could find that translated to a day of the week...LOL!) 

To "kick-off" this NEW & EXCITING feature, he has completed a 5 part series of questions and games that I will be sharing over the next five weeks...on help get to know him better.  Are you as "pumped" as I am?!?!  Trust me, he will have you coming back every week for ONE of three reasons...

  1. For his fabulous, witty sense of humor (which is why I fell in love with him)
  2. For his insane, often absurd point of view (which is why I fell in love with him)
  3. He's one of the "good-guys" (which is why I fell in love with him)
After the initial 5 week 'Question & Games" posts, he will L-O-V-E  tolerate, in order to appease me, the opportunity to answer your hard pressing, cheek-in-tongue, "just gotta know" and "what's YOUR take Daddy Dave?" questions. 

So, please...P-L-E-E-E-E-Z-E don't let him be right when he says "Who the heck is gonna care about what I have to say?" and leave him a question OR you can email him directly at (Yup, he's really into "THIS" people...he's got his own email! LOL!). 

Starting on October 20th...The "Doctor" Will be In!  LMAO!

Daddy Dave Dishes- Part 1 of 5
From Childhood to Adulthood

Tell us about your family!
My mother and father have been married for over 50 years…I can’t remember exactly how long, terrible I know! I have a brother who is 10 years older and a sister who is 9 years older. I was the mistake, NO, I mean a “surprise”! (As my mom made very clear to my wife when she called me a “mistake” during a family dinner discussion.)  My family is the most important thing to me. It always has been and always will be.

What was your favorite toy as a child and why?
My favorite toy was GI Joe action figures. I discovered them on a trip to the United States before they were even available in Canada. I still have the whole collection and no, they are NOT dolls because they carry firearms!

What is one of the best childhood memories you have?
Catching my very first fish while on a Cub Scout trip. I was with Rudy Rhymer and Alex Bully in Southern Alberta and it was quite the adventure because we had left without chaperons to go to the lake. Rudy lost ½ his fishing rod and one of his shoes on the way (how he managed to do that blows my mind to this day), we searched for it but never found them.  I felt a little bad for him because his dad looked like he had just got out of prison and had a knife hanging on his hip the length of his leg.  As a small kid I thought for sure he’d be skinned alive…Rudy didn’t seem to give a $hit.  After I caught the fish my friend Alex made me a fish hook whittled out of a tree branch to carry our catch back to camp and it was inscribed: Congratulations on your 1st fish (Where he ever got a pencil in the middle of the woods, I will never know!).  I still have it.

What do you want to be when you grow up, I mean what DID you want to be when you grew up?
I never knew what I wanted to be and I still don’t know what I want to be.  Even though I haven't figured it all out yet,  I’ve always worked hard in every job I've had and people have recognized this which has helped me to get where I am today. (I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid at heart.)

What was the first thing you ever bought with your own money?
Isn’t everyone’s first purchase at a Max store? I’m talking candy not pornography.  But the first "real" thing I can remember is the record POLICE, Don't Stand So Close To Me. It was $2.20 at Woolco! (I think I just "aged" myself.)

What family tradition do you want to continue with your own family?
Family Dinners. People should have dinner with their families every night (or as much as possible).  I was fortunate to grow up in a family that did that and I want to continue that tradition with my own family because I think it is important. Once children leave the "nest",  I think it  is important to continue to have dinners regularly to keep the family together. Nobody’s schedule, especially children’s should effect family dinners.  What I mean is;  extracurricular activities should be secondary to family time. There just isn’t enough family time as it is.
What one word describes your childhood?

What one word describes your teenage years?

What one word describes your 20’s?

What one word describes your 30’s?

At what age would you say you became an adult?
I don’t know what age it was exactly, probably around 32 years old , when I got married because it was around the time I started to have discussions and making decisions that I never thought I’d have to do, which is all a part of growing up I suppose. *SIGH* 

Do you think you played hard, “worked” hard or had a good balance as a:
Child- played hard
Teenager- played hard
Young Adult- balance until I went to post secondary and then I “worked” hard, too hard.

What do you hope Ave & Bryce gain from their childhood experiences?
I hope that they have as rich of a childhood experience that I did.  That their home is the one place in the world that they will always feel welcomed and safe, that they never go without, that I take the time to really spend time with them, that I show them as much of the world as I can and most importantly…I don’t want them to have their childhood without me in it.

Please Be Sure to Check Back Next Donnerstag to Read
 Part II- Daddy Dave Being Funny!

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