Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daddy Dave Dishes on Donnerstag! (That's German for Thursday) Part III

Welcome or Welcome Back!!
Daddy Dave has completed his five part series to help "kick-off" his weekly Thursday contribution to my blog!    From what I can gather, many of you are enjoying the "get to know him better" questions and this week he's playing a game!  This or's quite simple actually.  He was given a list of 2 words and he had to pick one or the other, whichever he "preferred more".  The catch?  He shouldn't think too long and was asked to write which of the two words he was "drawn" to most. 

As you will see, it wasn't as "simple" as I thought it would be!  Once again, my "input" is in the (coloured text)!

Before Daddy Dave gets started on this weeks instalment, if you happened to miss the last two weeks, here are the direct links to those posts:
 Part I- From Childhood to Adulthood
Part II- Daddy Dave Being Funny

Daddy Dave Dishes Part III
Daddy Dave Plays This or That?
Deep In Concentration
(This Picture was TOTALLY "staged"...see picture #2 below!)

Oranges or apples?  What? (I explain the "game rules" in more detail.)
Red or Pink? WTF? (I took time to explain the "game" A-G-A-I-N.)  This is dumb.  I like blue. (I explained that he doesn't get to chose the two words...I BEGGED him to just "go with it" and follow the "rules"!)
Car or Truck? truck
TV or Movies? movies
Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi, caffeine free.  It tastes better with Golden Wedding and I don't get a headache.
Chips or Chocolate? both
Winter or Summer? Summer, I guess
Pickles or Cucumbers? Why are you asking me this??? I don’t know…pickles!
(That question prompted me to "checked in" to see how it was going...OMG!  As if!   I WASN'T going to explain it again. When I asked why he wasn't just picking one word...he said it was his "GIG" and to leave him alone. Oh-Kay then.)
Tattoos or Piercing? Neither, they make you look stupid and requires plastic surgery later in life.
Salt or Pepper? Salt as in Angelina Jolie SALT.
Cats or Dogs? Neither
Hot Fudge or Caramel? Fudge-J.Belanger
Burger King or McDonald’s? Gross! I  like Wendy's.
Inside or Outside? Inside-winter Outside-summer
Breakfast for supper or Supper for breakfast? Supper for breakfast because I eat anything for breakfast.
Hunt or Fish? Fish
Love or Lust? (I hear him trying to ask me a question...) About who? About who-Lust or Love? What do you mean? (I remind him that HE told ME it was HIS "GIG" and to LEAVE HIM ALONE.)  Lust for my girlfriend. Love for my family (What an arse!)
Laugh or Giggle? Real men don't giggle.
Tickle or Wrestle? Tickle…my kids!
Boxers or Briefs?  That's personal. Briefs.
Supermodel or Scientist? Happy medium. (Does this mean he thinks I'm 1/2 beautiful and 1/2 smart?!?!)
Blonde or Brunette? Doesn’t matter…they can both be a pain in the a$$!
½ full or ½ empty? Full
Ford or GMC? Japanese
Sky Dive or Bungee Jump? Sky Dive because I’ve already done it (Ummmm, then wouldn't he want to Bungee Jump?  I really should have helped him with this....*sigh*)
Mozza or Cheddar? Cheddar- Old Fort!
(He added this one)
This or That? A waste of time.  I mean seriously Ginger, how are my fans going to get to know me with this crap? (Oh .. I think they are getting to know you just
 F-I-N-E dear! LMAO!) 
ME- Why did you have to put my glasses on...everyone knows you don't wear glasses?!?!
Daddy Dave- Because it makes me look like an intellect!
(You Be The Judge...LOL!)

 It took a couple weeks but Daddy Dave has received TWO questions to answer...because enquiring minds want to know!  Come on send in YOUR QUESTIONS...Daddy Dave L-O-V-E-S to get mail!
Send him your thoughts at!

Be sure to check back next Donnerstag for Part IV...Daddy Dave being Serious!

(It can't be all fun n' games OR can it?!?!?!)


  1. Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

    I think that you and I married the same kind of man. (Does he ever claim to be a genius?) I like that he's concerned about his "fans".

  2. Hey it worked! (Oh and I have that same table cloth on my table)

  3. Ha ha! The pictures alone are priceless. Looks pretty intellectual to me! I also love that he says "It's personal" and then answers anyway!

  4. Oh, this series is great! I look forward to reading more. I'm totally with him on Wendy's! However, you tell him to be nice about the tattoos!! ;)

  5. I just love that he is playing along! Too funny! (And your kiddos will seriously appreciate this one day...a long time from now...probably long, long after your hubby has likely embarrassed the crap outta them in adolescence! Hahaha!!!)

  6. hey, I want my questions answered :) The ones from last week - I do think the glasses make him look more intellectual LOL

  7. You guys r so funny...I miss you's!! Karen



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