Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daddy Dave Dishes On Donnerstag...That's German for Thursday! Part II

Hello and Welcome Back To Daddy Dave Dishes On Donnerstag! (That is , assuming you read last weeks Part I.  If not, please have a gander!)

Daddy Dave Dishes- Part 2 of 5
Daddy Dave Being Funny...

POST DISCLAIMER:  Many of you were so impressed by Daddy Dave's contribution to my blog last week, he was *giddy* with excitement...kinda!  LOL!  When he sat down to answer the following questions, he insisted that I type his responses out because he was just SOOOO TIRED! (Seriously?  After one set of questions? OMG!)  Therefore, I had no other choice but to add my 2 cents to the "conversation".  Please note that the comments in (brackets) was my "input" as he "dictated" his answers to me.  Hey, if he isn't going to embrace the opportunity to be independent with his Daddy Dave Dishes on Donnerstag instalments...what else can he expect?!?!  (I personally think it makes it more funny anyways! LOL!)

Using the letters in your name, what words best describe you?
D- Dangerous (People are gonna think you're a thug) I am. (Really? An accountant thug?)  NEXT!
A- Avid (Do you even know what that means?) YES! 

V- Voluptuous, if I was a woman. (Now that's funny!)
I- I don’t know (You aren’t even putting any effort into this! Come on...)
D- Dodge ball. I don’t know, this is stupid! (*sigh*)
What’s the #1 played song on your iPod?
I don’t *Bleep Bleep* own an iPod! (Ok, let's play pretend.  What would it be if you DID own one?)
Take This Job and Shove It (Your accounting job or the "job" of blogging?) BOTH!
What celebrity do you get mistaken for?
Denzel Washington (Seriously?) What?!?!  He's a handsome guy. (Nevermind.)

(I was thinking more along the comparison of Seth Rogen...who, for the record, I find to be a "hottie"!) 

 (But I can TOTALLY see where Daddy Dave is coming from now...I bet you can too! LOL!)

What would you name the autobiography of your life?
The Fish That Got Away OR Drop the Line While the Sun Shines OR Lock n’ Load (People are really gonna think you're "postal"!)
What have you learned about being a husband?
The ABC’s of marriage is not a myth. Anniversary, Birthday and Christmas only. (Ya right David…whatever! LMAO!)

What have you learned about being a dad?
I've learned that being a dad means you never get to watch an entire movie, enjoy a hot cup of coffee or have your morning “movement” in peace...EVER AGAIN! (So true!)

When life gives you lemons you…
Go buy vodka! (You don't even drink vodka?) I know but Rye doesn't mix well with lemons!

 You’ve got 2 second’s to decide if you should go left or right on the road to redemption, which path do you take?
Right. (Why??) Because the Devil is to the left. (What?!?!) Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. (Touche!)

Your wife’s blog is…
Interfering with housework! (Ummm....I can't argue this one!) Ya, so does that mean you'll spend less time blogging and more time vacuuming? (*silence*)

If you could get on a Worldwide PA System what would your message be to the masses?
This is a stick up! Give me all your money! OR Could someone make me a meatball sub with extra cheese? OR Hello! My name is Iggle Piglgle! (As if you'd say any of those things!)  Well, you're already concerned that my "fans" (Yes, he thinks he has fans!) are going to think I'm a lunatic so I can't say what I REALLY would say! (Good point.)

For Folks Who Don't Know- This is Iggle Piggle
of In The Night Garden

Where’s Waldo?
Do you mind…I am trying to parent! (The kids were having a bit of a “moment” screaming and yelling. After things had calmed, I asked him again.) Who gives a $hit! By the way, you've got too much time on your hands!

(So, that was fun eh?)
Ya, tons! (total sarcasm)
(Do you want me to help you with PART III questions?)
No! You interfere with my thought process and it's really annoying how you have a comment for EVERYTHING I say!
(LOL!  I  really was Laughing Out Loud!)
I don't want to do Part III!
(You have too Dave!  AND Part IV &'ve made a commitment to your "FANS"!)

Please Be Sure to Check Back Next Donnerstag to Read
 Part III- Daddy Dave Plays "This or That?"

OHHHH...Don't forget, Daddy Dave is anxiously awaiting questions from YOU for HIM to answer!   Anything and everything is "fair game"!  Come On...I know you've got something on your mind and Daddy Dave will give it to you straight...he promises! LOL!

Leave him a comment here or email him directly at

(Happy Donnerstag Everyone!)


  1. Oh my! This is hilarious...I just went back and read last week's installment since I missed it. Too funny!

    Tell Daddy Dave that I am officially a fan.

  2. He is hilarious - don't let him slack off and skip any Thursdays - I'd be disappointed. :)

  3. I think i like it better when you throw in your little comments...its hilarious!!!!! You guys might be able to get your own show out of this!! I think Dave should get you a housekeeper so you could have MORE time to blog and enter contests!!! See there is a good question for Dave "do you think hiring a housekeeper would be good for Ginger so she would have more free time to blog?" I'm sure Dave will have nothing but positive answers!!!

  4. I'm Daddy Dave's number 1 fan!!! (But you really should type his answers for him. It's way funnier this way.)

  5. I love this! I have officially talked my husband into doing one weekly post on my blog, but I don't think he's up for anything like this yet! Truly funny, especially the Denzel pics. And I love Seth Rogan, by the way.

  6. I love it !!!!! The picture comparison sealed it for me LOL you better be careful Ginger, Dave might turn in to a blogger yet
    thanks for making my night I have a had a long day and need a good read look forward to next Thursday

  7. very funny! i can totally pic you two sitting there doing this it! Karen



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