Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He Got My Hands...He Got My Feet BUT He Didn't Get My Toes!! (Thank Gawd!)

There was a time, shortly after the kids were born were that I went through a depression. I was convinced that there had been some major mix-up at the fertility clinic and someone else's eggs were fertilized by my husbands sperm. Don’t laugh. It happens…doesn’t it?

Why did I think this you ask? Because EVERYONE kept "ooohhhing & aaaahing" over how much they both looked like Daddy Dave. With the exception of my mom, god bless her soul.  She insisted that Ave looked JUST LIKE ME when I was a baby. I was so terrified that not one single gene of mine was coursing through their little bodies that I pinned my baby picture to the kitchen cupboard to convince remind myself that Ave did, in fact, look like me. Kinda.

Fast forward 20 months...

 There is no doubt that these little munchkins share the same cursed wonderful gene pool as mommy dearest. Not only does Ave share her mom’s bossy confident & loving personality, Bryce has inherited my feet and hands. Just like I did from my mom and her from her father. (The jury is still out as to whether or not he will share the same stature as us, we hope that he is at least afforded some height.) Not only does our gene pool include short, wide feet we are also cursed blessed with short, chubby fingers (Sausage rolls as we have so endearingly re-named our appendages). 

The hands are not so much a challenge, not like having short, wide feet is. It has been an ongoing battle for me to find shoes short AND wide enough to fit…don’t even get me started on being stylish because I gave that dream up a long time ago. Here are the few shoes that I have special ordered while visiting my family in the United States (Canada has ZERO options)…stylish they are NOT but hey, they fit.


My poor son Bryce is faced with the same challenges and he’s only 20 months old. It’s so sad. Really it is. I know there are so many worse things we could be challenged with and I am grateful that the only thing we need to “deal” with is his short, wide feet. So, I will not go on and on about it. Point being, the market for wide fitting shoes is non-existent and I am somewhat shocked that more companies don’t make wide shoes for kids. After all, a lot of kids don’t “outgrow” their chubbiness for years and I would assume that includes “feet chunkiness”…no?

Our Fall photography session is fast approaching and I have been to 6 different stores and purchased 4 different pairs of black dress shoes and have had no success. I have gotten so desperate in trying to “sandwich” his cute little feet into shoes way to narrow that I could be questioned by CPS for abuse. I am just about at my wits end so, if anyone out there knows of a place in Calgary where I can pick up some WIDE size 6 toddler dress shoes, pleeeeezzzeeee help save this mom the torture of shoe shopping save my son from anymore uncomfortable shoe fittings. Many thanks in advance!

On the bright side, little Miss Ave has the cutest pair of Osh Kosh dress shoes! I suppose it’s a good thing that “typically” it’s girls who have the shoe-shopping addiction. LOL!

 Are you wondering about my reference to Bryce not inheriting my toes? Well THAT my friends is another post...another day!  Here's A Teaser:

What NOT to say to a woman who just gave birth to twins as you examine the babies for the first time..."You'll be happy to know that your children escaped your dwarfism!"  (Those were the Doctor's EXACT politically incorrect words...verbatim.)
 I kid you not people!  I kid you not
 (And no, I am not a little person.)  Until I make that post... 

Have A Terrific Tuesday!

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