Friday, September 16, 2011

Mom & Tots Day!

Just a short and sweet post today as I am off to "work" the bi-annual Twins, Triplets & More Association of Calgary's "Garage" Sale.  I am now part of the sales team, which I am looking forward too because there is LOTSA money to be made by selling Ave & Bryce's toys & clothes but I am not looking forward to the TWO, 12 hour days ahead of me...Daddy's on shift!

Yesterday, Ave & Bryce welcomed 4 of their little "buddies" over for a playdate.  It was amazing to see how 1 month made such a difference in how well they play with others!  I will have to go and "revise" my Bit 'Bout Bryce as he no longer seems to care if people are in his house, playing with his "things" read, he isn't hanging off me crying and screaming bloody murder.  LOL!

Ave was so "smitten" with Kael (my girlfriend Lisa's little boy) that she leaned in and gave him a "kiss".  Needless to say, daddy Dave had his first "talk" with her about dating and something about buying a cow and getting milk for free?!?!?!  LMAO!
(From Left to Right)
Kael, Bryce, Hudson, Hannah, Ave & Lucas

Mommy Lisa- Kael & Hudson (we met at our twin prenatal classes)
Mommy Amanda- Hannah & Lucas (we met at work years ago)

 While the kiddies did a great job at tearing apart the playrooms...I still
think Ave & Bryce hold the record! LOL!

 Happy Friday Everyone!!


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