Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, Casey Anthony...

I don't watch news...nope, I don't.   You can think of me what you will but I have a very good reason as to why I chose not to "tune the tube" to "news"...I strongly believe that only 25% (if that) is accurate, truthful and/or educational.

Do I feel like a total knob in social situations when people are discussing "current affairs"?  Sometimes.  Not often.  Why?  I like to believe that I "research" the information I feel is of importance in the world around me.  During my "research", I choose to seek out real people with real life experiences in regards to any given "hot topic".  I don't watch CNN, CTV, CBS, BBC, GOOGLE, MSN, FOX and I especially don't watch the Nancy Grace show!  For the record, that woman drives me bonkers!  Her voice is as "painful" as finger nails being dragged down a chalkboard.  Not to mention that she annoys me ALMOST as much as people who don't use napkins while eating...and that's a whole heck of a lot people.  (Another post, another day.)

I search for sites, blogs to be specific, that talk about any given topic on any given matter.  I feel way more engaged and informed when I read real people writing about real matters of interest.  Does this make me the person you should call if you want the latest update about the war or the plummeting stock market or the employment rate or debt ridden state of our economy....no.  But if you want to know how people are "feeling n' dealing" with these things...put me on speed dial.  Will it be a detailed account of what the "people in charge" want you to know...nope.  Will it be laden with facts and figures...nope.  It will however be "real" (at least by my own standards).

Anywho, to my point...I especially don't watch media-grabbing-headline-sensationalized-"type" stories.  I didn't watch one minute of the OJ Simpson trial.  Nor did I give one second of my life to the Michael Jackson's molestation fiasco and more recently, I would have no clue who Casey Anthony is except for the excessive coverage I saw as I surfed channels and the magazine headlines I glanced at while waiting in the grocery check-out line.

However, I did watch Dr. Phil's interview with Cindy and George Anthony and I must say...I feel like he was a little hard on Cindy.  Before everyone goes *crazy, wild* on me, please re-read above.  I didn't watch the Casey Anthony Circus Trial.  All I know is that a beautiful little girl, Caylee, went missing.  That her remains were found and then that her mother went on trial for her murder.  She was found Not Guilty and the world was up in arms.  Other than that, I really didn't/don't know any details. So, I can not make any reference to her innocence or guilt.  What I want to comment on is the interview Dr. Phil had with Casey Anthony's parents.  I love, L-O-V-E Dr. Phil's no nonsense, "tells it like it is" approach.  He holds people accountable and calls them "out".  And he didn't disappoint during his interview with the Anthony's BUT...

 I kinda feel bad for the way Dr. Phil attacked Cindy's "Pollyanna" attitude when it comes to her daughter.  I agree, she made nothing but excuses for Casey's actions and was quite vague in her responses to Dr. Phil's direct questions regarding some of the  indescrepencies before, during and after little Caylee disappeared.  Again, I can't comment on that (truth, lies) but I can empathize with her conflicting feelings regarding her daughter's role in the death of her granddaughter, Caylee.  I can't begin to imagine loosing my grandchild, that's not how the circle  of life is suppose to work.  But I can't even wrap my mind around the possibility how my own child could be guilty of taking that life. 

From what I understand, Casey Anthony had a long history of ups n' downs, lies, betrayal, bad choices and very few consequences.  For the world looking in, it seems very clear that this woman was "disturbed", maybe even a sociopath but I can't help but think about how I would be viewing and responding to this situation if it was Ave or Bryce. 

Being the FABULOUS sensible, grounded mother that I am, I can't conceptualize raising a child that would kill another human being, let alone their own flesh and blood.  But it happens.  I really don't know how I would "act" but I can empathize with Cindy's need to "justify", provide "explanations", talk about the Casey SHE knew and make reference to some type of "medical issue" as the culprit to her behaviour.   And YES, wait for it...I can even understand when she says "I believe it was an accident and I was relieved when the verdicts came back as "Not Guilty"."  She didn't condone Casey's actions over the 31 days Caylee was "missing".  She simply stated that she doesn't understand her daughters behaviour leading up to the day she found out about Caylee being "missing", the elaborate lies during the 6 months of searching for Caylee and she seemed genuinely distraught over her daughter's defense team using her husband as the scapegoat.  What else can she say?  How else can she feel? 

I have read on some of the online boards that both Cindy and George came off as "cool" and "unaffected" during the interview.  Again, I'd love to rush to their defense but not knowing all the "facts" (I use that word extremely lightly because I'm not sure anyone REALLY knows anything unless they were there) I can't.  I will say that I am not sure I would have been able to sit in front of "Phil" for 6 hours while he grilled me and told me over and over again that he wanted to "shake me awake" without totally loosing it and telling him to stick his no nonsense, "tell it like it is" approach right up his arse.  I think they both handled themselves with composure and  dignity...I mean as well as anyone can when their daughter is as guilty as Hitler! (Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to comment on her innocence or guilt but even non-watching-news people like me aren't "knobs" all the time!)


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