Monday, September 19, 2011

Recipe? What's That?

I don't bake because I don't like following a recipe.  I cook because you don't NEED a recipe.  You might not be able to "recreate" that delicious meal you just served BUT you didn't have to measure and "stress" either, so it's a "catch 22 situation" if you ask me.

I discovered you CAN bake without a recipe and not have a total disaster and failure as the final product. Impressed?  I sure was...

I bought a big bag of Red Delicious apples a while back and when I went to put them in the fruit bowl EIGHT were almost rotten...I was choked!  Fresh fruit is expensive, as I am sure you will all agree.  I had them sitting on the counter for a few hours....I just couldn't bring myself to throw them out!

I carried on with my regular morning routine and when the kids went down for a nap, I thought; "Apple Crumble"!  It was like a light came and shinned down on me...dramatic...I know BUT I don't bake.   I NEVER think about baking.  I did a quick search on the Internet only to find out I didn't have TWO of the main ingredients to make an Apple Crumble.
1. Rolled Oats
2. Flour

I had a coffee, pondered the whole "EIGHT Almost Rotten Apples" situation and remembered that my husband went through an "instant oatmeal" phase a few months ago. (It only lasted a few days because he discovered that he doesn't like the instant oatmeal that comes in different flavors.) Off to "work" I went...sans a recipe!

And I created THIS!!

It tastes A LOT better than it looks....I Swear!!  LOL

Ok, so it's not like baking cookies or a cake BUT STILL....I'm Impressed With Myself...LOL!

Happy Monday Ladies :)


  1. Yum...I know what I'm making this afternoon. Cobbler! Cobbler and crisp are pretty much the same thing, just depends on what kind of recipe you subscribe to. And what neck of the woods you are from because there is a whole cake and crumb topping debate. (I bake and cobbler is serious business!)

    When life hands you rotten apples, bake a cobbler!

  2. Way to be resourceful! See, I'm the opposite. I like to bake but not cook. I think because with baking, I don't have to be creative. I just follow the instructions and voila! This looks yummy though. Suddenly, I'm in the mood...

  3. I feel the same way. I never follow a recipe exactly and I almost never measure. I'm sure it's why I can't bake.

  4. Pretty creative!! Go you!! Looks very yummy!!


    That's why I love baking - I studied chemistry but don't work in chem... so I like to be exact with other things :)




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