Friday, September 9, 2011

REDRUM...REDRUM...REDRUM! (Picture Me Wiggling My Finger For FULL Effect!)

All Work And No Sleep Makes This Mommy One Cranky Lunatic Human Being!!!

Can YOU see the resemblance?!?!  LOL!!

Seriously, my son has decided that sleeping is no longer a requirement for his happy existence.  What he hasn't quite realized or figured out is that sleeping IS required for the happy existence of his mother and thereby required for HIS ONGOING  happy existence.  I have had a TOTAL of 12 hours of continuous sleep over the last 3 days...I am on the edge of insanity people!!

It all started during the last week of our holidays... 

Bryce would awake, almost like clockwork at 3:00am crying that progressed very quickly into blood curdling screams.  When my husband or I would go in to check on him, he would be asleep.  We figured it was nightmares and as a solution, we gently woke him and then put him back to sleep but he would continue to wake every hour on the hour...screaming while being fast asleep.  It was STRANGE but not completely exhausting because between Daddy Dave & I, we managed to take turns in "tending" to our possessed terrified child.  This lasted for about 3-4 days and then all returned to normal.

During the week when Daddy Dave is working, I take the "night shifts" and then on the weekends, it's his turn.  This has worked really well for me us as the kids are, for the most part, great sleepers and I LOVE to sleep in and be able to "turn off" my mommy sensors 2 days a week.  However, I must say that the last three days have been exhausting and I am ready to start sharing the torture responsibility of nighttime parenting.

Starting on Tuesday night, at 3:00am I awoke to the same blood curdling screams, correction; since there is a 2 hour difference in time zones between Ontario and Alberta, Bryce's new "awake time" is now 1:00 am (FAN-tastic!).  This time however, he was not asleep...wide awake and ready to P-A-R-T-Y!  You should know that Bryce is a smart little boy and he has mastered knowing when mommy means business and is in no mood to "play".  I went in and he immediately stop torturing me with his screeching.  I told him in a sleep deprived, crazy calm tone to go "sleepy" and he lied down...I covered him and he went back to sleep...FOR 1 HOUR!  Then the cycle began ALL OVER again.  (I should note at this time before you start to think I am a neglectful mother, that I did do my "Mommy-Do-Diligence".  I check his bum, felt his head for a fever, "assessed" his overall well-being and came to the quick conclusion that despite a little stuffy nose, my son was not in any immediate danger or discomfort.)

It's a well known fact around these parts that I do not function very well with anything less than 7 hours sleep a night.  I feel very blessed that my children have been pretty darn good "sleepers" since birth.  With the exception of a few "wake-up-calls" from time to time for a soother...our house gets the required amount of sleep for happiness and harmony.  However, the above has become my reality and I tell ya, if you start to see my Blog Posts look anything like this....

Pleeeezzzzeee send H-E-L-P!

Wishing You All A Wonderful & RESTFUL Weekend!

P.S.  I am sooooo tired I almost forgot to remind you to SHAKE THE MONEY TREE for your chance to WIN $150 CASH!! 
(See...this sleep deprivation is now affecting YOU TOO! LOL!)


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