Friday, September 23, 2011

Remember the Berry-Eating Scene in the Movie "Blue Lagoon"?

You know the one I'm talking about right?!?!   I sure hope I am no aging myself too much by even mentioning this movie but if you are somewhere in your 30's or 40's there is NO WAY you don't know this movie.  Blue Lagoon not only starred the CUTEST boy E-V-E-R, Christopher Atkins but one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood...Brooke Shields. For those of you who haven't seen this move here is a quick synopsis:
2 children and a drunk get stranded on an island after thier vessel goes down in the middle of the ocean.  The drunken cook moves on to greener pastures and the 2 kids are left to fend for themselves and survive.  Years go by and they enter puberty together and well, they "experience" their firsts together and a baby is born.  After awhile the "FAM" decides they want to try to get off the island but they end of drifting at sea for days and rather than die from the elements, they eat "never wake up" berries.  They are rescued, fast asleep... not dead, making the "never wake up berries" a hoax.

Ok, so that brings me to my "Blue Lagoon" moment on Wednesday as the kids and I were have a blast playing outside....

I turned my back FOR ONE SECOND (ok, maybe two!) and when I glanced over at Ave & Bryce they had something in their mouths and were making some "wild-contorted facial gestures" and I swear it was like a movie filmed in slow motion.  I scream "N-O-O-O-O!" as I run (picture this all in slow motion, if you will) towards them and quickly do the First-Aid-2 finger-sweep that I have learned time and time again in my certification courses.  Screaming Crying ensues (them, not me) and I am paralyzed for what seemed like an eternity.  I "snap" out of it and start digging at their mouths to see if I can see if there is any trace of berries in their teeth...there isn't.  I frantically search the ground to see if I can see any other  1/2 chewed berries...there isn't.  I check their hands like a real "cop shake down" to see if there is any "berry-residue"...there isn't. 

I instantly calm and resist the urge to run in the house and call poison control and/or rush them to the hospital.  Dramatic, I know.  But all I could think of was that scene form the Blue Lagoon where Paddy (the drunk) tells the kids that if they eat those berries, they will never terrifying.  Then I remember that they (the kids and their own little baby) DID IN FACT eat those berries and they were


As the kids happily and joyfully played, I spent the next 1/2 hour picking all the remaining berries off the tree so that a re-occurrence wouldn't happen but as I did, I was allowing the "worst case" scenario to run through my mind.  It went something like this: I am standinging before a judge n' jury, charged with negligence for not inquiring about how serious or not serious the situation of eating the "never wake up berries" was.  I adress the court, "Your honor, the kid in Blue Lagoon ate like 20 or so berries and he woke up...I just didn't see the need to overreact sir."   Followed by: "We the jury find the defendant GUILTY of irresponsible parenting!" (insert the sound of medal cell doors slamming shut)

Rather than trust that the "facts" of a movie would save my butt in court (Now, THAT would be irresponsible), playtime outside was cut short so mommy could do a quick search on the Internet to ease her mind.  Like I said, I had my eyes off them for 2's not like they had enough time to bake a pie and "chow-down" so, I was pretty confident that the one, 1/2 chewed berry I confiscated from each of their mouths was the total amount of berries ingested chewed.   I stopped researching once I read that injesting the "never wake up" berries MIGHT  cause diahreha, dizziness, vomitting if MORE THAN 3 are consumed.  Since I was totally pretty postive sure they hadn't...on with the day we went.  Had I allowed myself more "screen time" playing Doctor, I would have given myself a major panic attack and well...that's just not good for anyone!

Here are the kids today...They are F-I-N-E!  (Who says you can't take everything in movies as "gospel"?!? LOL!)

 (OOOPPPSSSS....Wrong Pics! LOL!)

(Ok, this is them yesterday BUT they are totally fine today too...Promise!  LMAO)

Happy Friday Friends!

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