Monday, September 26, 2011

Saving Money...Killing the Enviroment!

It's Wal Mart Anniversary Days around these parts.  My favorite time to shop. (Ok, every "time" is my favorite "time to shop...guilty!) But during the Wal Mart Anniversary sales, that's when I really "stock-up" on household items for the year.  You can barely beat their already low prices but for these 3 weeks in September I feel like I'm almost "stealing", the bargains are so GREAT! (Not as "great" as those extreme couponer's but I also don't have to spend 40 hours getting ready to shop AND I only buy what I really want AND the brands I like...I'm just saying.)

Anywho, this is when I buy our supply of diapers for the year.  Yes, it's a lot of money to "dish-out" at once but in the long run it has saves us BIG TIME!

This time around, I only purchased about 7 months worth of diapers because I am praying hoping that Ave & Bryce will embrace the wonderful opportunity of using the toilet to relieve themselves in 7 short months.  It's a gamble because as I have read on so many mommy blogs, you just never know when the time will be "right" and/or when they will be "ready".  I say 7 months is a good guesstimate...

The regular price of diapers is $36.99/box (ouch!).  During the sale they are $24.99/box.  That's a savings of $12.00 a box.  So, I have saved $264.00 over the next 7 months (WoW)!

Here is a photo of what 7 months of diapers and 2100 wipes looks like (I should note that the 8 boxes my mother-in-law dropped off this weekend are not in the photo).

I would like to think that OVER 1/2 of you will be thinking "Way to Go Girl!  You Savy Money Saving Mama!" but I know many of will be thinking what I was thinking as I was taking the picture,  "Holy Crap That's A Lot of Landfill Sitting There!"

I've always considered our family to be fairly "green".  We recycle faithfully, we make sure to not leave water running, we conserve energy by lighting our house to a "romantic dinner" setting, we don't "abuse" temperature settings, we purchase as many items as possible that are "made from recyclable materials" get the point.  But  I never really considered the impact that disposable diapers have on our environment, not until I thought about doing a post on how FA-bulous I was at saving money!  Now, I am thinking...WoW...I've got a lot of "making-up" to do to counteract the carbon footprint these diapers will leave on our environment.

I'm a problem-solver.  Problem solved (kinda).  I drink my wine out of a box.  Classy, I know.  BUT IT IS one more way that I try to be a little more "green"!  Afterall, it says right on the box that I am being environmentally friendly...

Hmmmm...when you compare that little box of wine to all those big boxes of diapers, it looks like I got a whole lotta wine drinking to do...LOL!  (Good thing I saved all that money on diapers so I can afford my "counteract the disposable diaper thingie" plan...LOL!)

It's a win-win situation if you ask me.  Hey, I'm a "1/2 FULL" kinda gal!
 (Especially when it comes to wine!)

Cheers to a Wonderful Monday!

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