Monday, September 12, 2011

Tag YOU'RE It and I'm About to LOSE It!

Ok, so it's time for a rant...I'm sorry but it is!  If you do not wish to feel the wrath of my negativity then please do not hit the "Read More" button...

All right're on board!  I went shopping yesterday, sans kiddies.  I stopped into the local Dollarama (for my USA buddies, it's equivalent to your Dollar Trees) and right in the middle of  my shopping expedition I experienced something that almost made me lose my mind....literally!  There were not ONE, not TWO but THREE sets of children (that's a total of 6 kids) playing TAG in the Dollarama while I was there.  I am talking FULL OUT TAG!  Running up and down the aisles, running 'round the corners, laughing and screaming...where were their parents you ask?!?!??!  Well let me tell you!  They were at the front left of the store giggling and "carrying-on" about how cute and funny the kids were being.  Are you you flippin' kiddin' me? 

The only thing...I repeat...the ONLY THING that stopped me from loosing it when one of the kids pushed my cart to the side so they could RUN past me, was my Bestie Becca's recent post on strangers reprimanding strangers kids.  I didn't want to come across as a "nosey-parker-no-it-all" by yelling at educating these "mom's" on what IS and IS NOT appropriate behaviour in public.  But seriously, who in their right mind would think that it is "cute" and/or "amusing" to see children running WILD in a store playing tag?!?!

I've let this simmer overnight in hopes that my anger and frustration would dissipate but it hasn''s come to a full-on-rolling BOIL!  Then I got to thinking about Marcia and her totally fabulous series (or at least I hope it becomes one) on Strict Parenting.  I have to say, that I was, at first, embarrassed or ashamed to admit that I AM a strict parent.  I am NOT ashamed or embarrassed to admit it today!  Actually I am darn proud!

Mark My Words.  My children will NOT be playing tag in ANY store or ANY  location other than our backyard, a park, a gymnasium or other appropriate venue.  If Ave and/or Bryce get any urge to start playing tag while we are out in public...Mark My Words...the sentence coming out of my mouth will go something like this:  "Don't even THINK about it! You can either continue to walk calmly beside me throughout the store or if you really can't control the "urge" you can plant your arse firmly in the seat of the cart AND if those 2 options are not appealing, we can head on home and we'll play our own little game of tag and TRUST ME you will not want to get "tagged"!"

Don't get me wrong...I want kids to be kids!  If you don't believe me, check out my Where Do The Children Play Post...I don't think kids play enough these days!  HOWEVER, I do believe there is a time and a place and the time and place is NOT in the middle of a store.  Some may say... "Pick Your Battles Girlfriend!' and I would say to them..."I pick THIS battle!"  (Hands down...every time!)


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