Tuesday, September 13, 2011

These Are A Few Of Their Favourite Things...

I just couldn't resist posting a few of Ave & Bryce's favourite things to do to keep themselves amused and occupied.

Now that they are almost 20 months old, they are beginning to play "imagination" and one of their favorite things is playing SUPERHERO'S.  In actuality, it was Ave's "thing" but she quickly got her brother "hooked" by insisting he also put a "cape" on and run around with her...

They Love...L-O-V-E to colour!  It's an activity that I still have to watch closely because they haven't quite grasped the concept that crayons are for paper not for bellies....LOL!  The worst part of the colouring experience is having to put it away...screaming usually ensues and it take me a few days to work up the courage to bring it all out again.

I would bet my life savings (which isn't all that much but STILL...) that Ave & Bryce can tear apart a playroom in record breaking time...they've got to hold the Guinness World Record.  LOL!  They absolutely "explode" when given the opportunity to explore and play in their toy room.   It takes mommy a little while to clean up but they have started to learn and participate in the process of "tidying-up"!

A nightly ritual around our house, right before supper and "book time" followed by bedtime is the viewing of "In The Night Garden".  I'm not quite sure what the kids love about this show but it is AMAZING how they grab their blankets, their drinks and "dolls" and get ready to watch this show every night.  It's one of the oddest shows on kids TV and the educational value would be "0" because they don't even really talk...think Teletubbies...but they LOVE it and I LOVE how it signifies the end of the day and beginning of our night routine.

 (I'm Canadian Eh?!?!  My FavOurite ColOur is Orange...LOL!)


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