Thursday, September 29, 2011

Virtual Crafty Link-Up- Ave & Bryce's 1st Birthday

I am linking up with Marcia Over at 123 Blog for her super cool monthly Virtual Crafty Link Up!

(You should go over and take a peek at some of the "creative creations" AND if you're really feeling like a "sharer" your Craftiness for the world to scraplift!)

This is the 2 page 1st Birthday layout I did for Ave's scrapbook. YES!  I totally played on the "twin thing" and made it a Mickie & Minnie Mouse themed party.  (This year's is Raggedy Ann & Andy. Hey, I gotta get it all in before they start to decide costumes, themes, clothes, etc. for themselves. LOL!)

On the top left, I put one of the invitations and you can pull it out of the book to have a "peek".  These were the handmade invitations I made...I used a printable template but I still had to cut, paste and "craft"! LOL

Ok, I know the following pictures are not "crafty" but I couldn't help but share...

Bryce's Matching "Mickey" Cake

We served sandwiches cut like "Mickey & Minnie Mouse"
(Yes, that is blue and pink eh?)

I even made little tiny "mice" out of strawberries!

Happy Crafting Everyone!


  1. Those strawberry mice are awesome! (And I agree with you about the "twin thing"...might as well have a little fun before the little ones have more say-so! HA!)

  2. fantastic detail!

    You need to read my wrap-up post on my organising blog :)

    THanks for playing along!!!

  3. Where'd you get blue and pink bread? And what kind of sandwiches are they?

    You crack me up, girl! I still can't decide if you just have way too much time on your hands (and need another kid--I'll let you have one of mine. LOL) or if you are just so stinkin' creative-ly beyond me that I just don't get it. Let's go with the second one, K? Really cute Ging.



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