Thursday, October 20, 2011

22 Things I've NEVER Done!

I am linking up with Mama Kat for her Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop!

The Assignment: List 22 Things You've Never Done Before

I am 37 years old.

And I've never:

1.  Made a list of 22 things I've never done.

 2. Bungee/Base Jumped

3. Skydived

4. Parasailed

5. Ran with the Bulls

6. Cave Dived

7.  Participated in Dangerous Sports/Activities

8.  Been to Europe

9.  Been to Africa

10.  Been to Asia

11. Been to Australia

12. Travelled Overseas

 13. Eaten Bear

13. Eaten Raccoon

14.  Eaten Rodent

15.  Eaten Squirrel

15.  Eaten Rabbits

16.  Eaten Anything With Paws.

17. Been to a Nudist Colony

18. Skinny Dipped

19. Been to Mardi Gras

20. Streaked

21.  Been Nude in Public

22. Hmmmm.....I guess I've NEVER Been Really Adventurous *sigh*

 Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. luckily for everyone involved.. i have never been to a nudist colony either!

  2. My dear,

    You are "adventurous" every day, whether you like it or not. You are a mama. Of twins.

    :) :)

  3. I have never been really adventurous either. But I agree with Mandy, being a mom pulls you into all kinds of adventure. Wonder if being a mom of twins will get you there twice as fast! Hold onto your hat!

  4. You may never get to do #5... didn't they outlaw it in Spain? I think some rancher in Arizona is trying to start one there, though.

  5. I probably shouldn't tell you how many of your list items I've done... might make you look at me in an entirely different light....

    But everyone's right being a mommy of multiples is more than an extreme sport--it's an extreme LIFESTYLE!

  6. Teeehheee, I have never been to a nudist colony either. That was a good addition to your list! I honestly don't know that I could survive it. I would not bare this naked body to anyone besides my hubby. For their sake and mine.

    Smile and Mama With Me

  7. Love it! I have also never been to a nudist colony, unless you count my very own bedroom/bathroom. ;-) I've never been nude in public, sort of. Public restroom/changing rooms, yes. Just free in the breeze, not so much.

    Fun list!

  8. Of all the things on your list, three you must do in this life: go to Europe, skinny dip, and go to Mardi Gras. And then you've lived a full life. :) Wonder what I'd have on my list????

  9. Well, you definitely have reasons to come to Africa! What a fun list Ging! I like the list of the things you have done even better! ;)



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