Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bee vs. Klingon Costume

I am linking up with Mama Kat for her Pretty Much World Famous Writer's exciting!

The Assignment: Write a poem about a memorable Halloween Costume.

Halloween was always one of my favorite times of the year. I loved being able to dress up and "play pretend". I would seriously start planning the day after "treat or treating" for the following years costume. I like to be organized I guess...LOL!

There was about a 5 year "gap" in being able to "dress-up" from when I was 14 years old (yes, we trick or treated until we were 14 years old in my small town.) to 19 years old. But when my friends and I were old enough to attend the local "watering hole's" Annual Halloween Bash, the fun and planning started all over again!

The following is a poem I wrote about one of those Halloween celebrations!


On November first, my mind would race,
I'd think, "What to be next year?" with a smile on my face.
You see, second to Christmas, it was Halloween I adored most.
My costume couldn’t be as simple as just a witch or a ghost.
Oh no it couldn't… it had to be grand.
Months of thought it took to get planned.

While other's were choosing to be sexy and sleek,
My options were just a tad more bleak.
Being short in stature and being stout to boot,
I always opted to be something that was "cute".

Until the year I decided to throw my hands in the air,
Instead of cute and cuddly, it was time for a scare.
I was totally inspired by the Star Trek theme,
A good plan at the time, or so it seemed.

Apparently dressing as a Klingon of doom,
Dictated the amount of drinks I’d consume.
I'm not sure if was the Klingon warrior inside,
but, my "happy-go-lucky" had "got-up" and died.

That night wasn’t as fun as when I was a Bee,
There’s something to be said for being “cute” and carefree.
So no more costumes of scary or fright,
I wear the ones that are cheery and bright.

If truth be told, I don’t dress up anymore,
My , that’s depressing…I’m officially a bore!
Well today I say, “Not this year, NO WAY”!
But I better get planning, I only have 10 days.
Time to pull out the Halloween costume bins,
To find one that’s suitable for a mother of twins!

 Side Note:  I tore apart my Scrapbooking room looking for the pictures I KNOW I HAVE of the Halloween I dressed like a Bee and the year I was a Warrior Klingon...I am disappointed to say that I had no luck.  I shall keep looking....LOL!

Happy Halloween Costume Planning Everyone!!


  1. Love it Ging!! And yes I remember! xo Karen

  2. AWESOME poem, Ginger! But I was really hoping to scroll down to see a picture! :)

    I haven't dressed up since college, but I did "coordinate" with the girls last year. They were cheerleaders, and I wore a Bama jersey to match. [Pretty snazzy, huh?!]

    This year they're going to be ladybugs, so I'll probably wear a coordinating black sweater, and I'm going to try to find some antennae. That's about all I can manage, though, as I know I'll have my hands full, wrangling the girls! :)

  3. @Karen- You remember the fun night I was a BEE too...right Karen? LOL!

    @Mandy- I know...I MUST find those pics! You would have a giggle for sure! I love that you coordinate with the fun! :)

  4. Great poem... I haven't dressed up for halloween before as it's not celebrated here where I live ..but the costumes I've seen so far are really awesome!!Visiting from Mama KAt's

  5. I absolutely love those costumes your little ones are in at the top of your cute. I'd wear a bee costume, but you know what they say about horizontal stripes... =(

  6. haha LOVE IT! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and if I had twins, I'd be doing themes every year! I LOVE the dragon and princess!!

  7. That's a fabulous poem - I obviously don't work hard enough at it...LOL!

  8. I enjoyed reading your poem. I can't remember any of my childhood costumes, but I do remember how much I hated wearing the masks and my elastic straps always broke before the night was over. :)

    I'm visiting from Mama Kat's site. Have a great weekend!

  9. What an awesome poem!!! I agree that being something cute is most fun, but I've started going with the funny route these days. It's the most fun!

  10. Congrats! Welcome to the Mama Kat's Workshop! (It's SO fun!)

    You hafta find that Klingon Pic. I would pay money for a copy of that.

  11. That was really good! Funny too! :)



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