Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Comments=Luv (I Just Wish They'd Post and/or Not Disappear!)

Hello Friends!

I just had to take a moment to tell you all how much I appreciate you stopping by, reading about the happenings in my little corner of the world and then taking the time to submit a comment or TRY to submit a comment.

I have had an enormous amount of feedback regarding the "crazy antics" of my commenting process or lack there of.  So many of you have posted something on a specific topic only to have it disappear and then magically re-appear on a totally unrelated post...wth?  Many of you have tried to write me something and the darn system wont let you! Worse yet, my replies back the comments that DO make an appearance rarely register and I am sure you all starting to think that I am a pompous a$$ who doesn't care to respond (so not true by the way!).   I would give up on me too if I were you...but please don't!

I am trying to figure out what on Blogger Earth is going on...first things first, I am ditching "Comment Luv" because it seems to only work 1/2 the time, if that.  {When it IS WORKING} I know it allows for non-blogging readers to leave their thoughts and for my bloggy friends to list their latest posts but since it only works properly less than 1/2 the time, I figure I would much rather get ALL my comments from those who can actually leave a comment. (I will try to work out a way for you non-bloggy followers to post because you know you W-A-N-A! LOL!)

I apologize for this inconvenience. Please standby and please be patient...I really have no idea what I am doing! LMAO!

If anyone out there knows another comment program I could use....That would make my day!  

Please help this "comment deprived" blogger out!
Much thanks!


  1. I'm sorry I got you in this mess my friend. I won't suggest any more new and "free" programs that are supposed to make blogging easier and better. :(

  2. Awww! Sorry about that. Software malfunctions can really drive you up the wall...LOL! But you can try Disqus or Intense Debate. I use Disqus, and it works quite well. Hope that helps!

  3. I am far from a computer expert, but I will tell you that I was having a CrAzY time with my blog for a while there. A couple of friends suggested I stop using Internet Explorer and switch to Mozilla Firefox. Knock on wood, that seemed to do the trick. I don't know what browser you use, but you might consider trying something new if you're still having issues. Good luck! I know how FRUSTRATING it can be to not have Blogger acting like your friend! :)



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