Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daddy Dave Dishes on Donnerstag (That's German for Thursday) Part V- What If?

Hello and Welcome to Part V of Daddy Dave Dishes.   The last installment of the "Get to Know Him Better" series.  Daddy Dave has had such a trying great time in completing all his questions, he is so happy sad that it has come to an end.  (Between you and me and the Bloggy World, I don't think that he has fully grasped the concept that he now has a few questions from his Internet fans to answer over the next week or so...hmmmmm....this could be interesting people! LOL!)

If you would really like to see Dave continue to be tortured engaged with the bloggy world community, please be sure to email him some intriguing and interesting questions at  otherwise the "gig" will be up sooner than later...LOL!

Daddy Dave Dishes Part V
The “What IF” Game

Once again I have added my 2 cents in purple, only this time he hasn't read my comments....yet! LOL!

If you won $10 Million dollars what is the first thing you would do?
I’d give it all to charity…just kidding! I’d give some to charity but I would take a year off and fish the world. (Ummmm....what about his family?!?!?)

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?
I would want to be Superman because I’d get to wear the suit and tights and with 10 millions dollars who the he!! gives a $hit what people think. (He doesn't give a $hit what people think now and we're poor!)

If you could throw any party, who and what would it be for?
As long as I could have it anywhere but my house, I would throw a party for all my fans to celebrate that this is my last blog post.  I'd serve all you could eat rippled chips and Pilsner. (Figures...he hates having people in his house! At least he wouldn't make it B.Y.O.B.)

If you were deserted on an island what 3 items would you want with you and why?
Rye, food and a rental car I’d never have to return (for air conditioning and shelter) who needs anything else? (He'd still stress about the cost of the overdo rental once he was rescued.)
If you could jump into a time machine, what era would you set it to and why?
I would set it to the Wild Wild West but I’d die shortly after I arrived because I’m allergic to horses. (Really?!  He'd go somewhere he'd die? WTH? LOL!)

If you were given a one wish what would you wish for?
That my in-laws would come to visit more than once a year. (Guess who is currently up for a visit?)

If you could pick one age to be for the rest of your life what age would it be and why?
30. Your old enough to be taken seriously but young enough to not be hungover after a bender. (No comment.)

Happy Donnerstag Everyone!


  1. Daddy Dave, thanks for the early morning laugh! Looking forward to your wisdom as you start answering the readers' questions!

  2. He's allergic to horses??? Hmm.... Sorry I'm trying to wrap my mind around how one figures that out and why you would go to WW if you know this fact about yourself.

  3. That is too funny he would go to a time where there are horse but allergic to them, LOL

  4. Say it ain't so! Daddy Dave rocks, and he just needs to continue to play along nicely. How fun it is to glimpse the man behind the mommy machine once in a while. (And just so he doesn't get too big of a head, your commentary is the icing on the cake!) ;)



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