Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am SO ready to be on Cupcake Wars!

Really. I am.  I baked. AGAIN.  I succeeded. AGAIN
 Can I get a "You Go Girl!"?!?!

I love the Food Network.  Heck, I love food.  I enjoy cooking. I don't enjoy baking.  Cooking allows the imagination to run wild with a dash of this and pinch of that...baking requires precise measuring and mixing (read) patience and perfection, two qualities I have always wanted but have never possessed.

Anywho, Ave & Bryce have turned their noses up at their breakfast foods the last few weeks so I decided that it was time to bring out the "Baker" in me.  Who doesn't LOVE muffins??

I cheated, a little. (Ok, a lot....whatever!)

In my defense...here is what happened when I just OPENED the baking cupboard!
 (Best to stick to a box mix...doncha think?)

I did add fresh mashed bananas...

AND I got real "adventurous" and added some brown sugar and cinnamon to the tops of the second batch...I know, I may just have it in me after all!!

No, they are not burnt.  It's BROWN SUGAR...promise! LOL!

Like I said I am SO ready for Cupcake Wars !

(It's all baking...right?!?!  LOL!)


  1. I do love me some muffins! ;) I actually really like to bake...I just don't get to do it very often these days. It's an undertaking, and I'm often so tired by the time the girls are in bed. One day they'll be able to "help" me in the kitchen...in a less-messy way than they can "help" right now. Maybe???

  2. okay I studied science and chemistry in particular so i think that may be why I love baking - I love that it's exact :)

    and muffins are my favourite things.

    I would promise to email you my favourite low-sweet muffins for the babies but don't hold your breath :) If I find it easily I'll send it soonish.

  3. I love to cook and hate to bake too. I like a dash of this and then add a little more of that myself.

  4. You totally owned that recipe once you added the bananas!



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