Monday, October 3, 2011

I knew Ave when she liked to Rock n' Roll!

I have had a "barrier" to the buttons on our dinosaur TV since the kids started moving about.  As unsophisticated as this "barrier" is (yup, that's 2 infant/rocking chairs strapped together), it WAS very somewhat effective in keeping little hands away from the on/off, channel up/down and the ever so annoying volume buttons (at least MOST of the time).

The "Barrier"

I finally decided that Ave & Bryce have had enough hand-slaps constructive "teaching" to warrant the removal of said "barrier".  After all, they are their rocking chairs and are missing out on some F-U-N having them "inaccessible".  During one of their morning naps this last week, I brought the "Wall Down" and Ave couldn't have been more delighted.

OMG!  They Do Come Apart!!

She was up 1/2 hour before Bryce so she had the time of her life moving from chair to chair, rockin' it out!

The best part was when Bryce finally awoke and I asked Ave if she could show Bryce how to use the "new" rocking chairs.  She was so PROUD to go back and forth from chair to chair to show him "how it's done".  There was a small problem when Bryce decided he had seen enough and wanted to "rock on" himself.  With some firm gentle "coaxing", she finally allowed her brother access to one of the chairs and "chilled" while he went to town Rockin' n' Rollin...LOL!

Ummmm....Ya, that's a little close dear!


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