Thursday, October 20, 2011

"You're Invited to a Chicken Pox Party!" What the....

{To all my "regular" readers-  I apologize but Daddy Dave Dishes on Donnerstag Part V- "What If" MUST  be postponed until next week.  I just can not wait to "rant" about THIS and well, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are already "booked"!  You may or may not be disappointed but I am sure you will find the following post intriguing just the same....}

"You're Invited to a Chicken Pox Party...Hope to See You There!"...

Are you kiddin' me?  Seriously?!?!?!  I have heard of some pretty unconventional things in my life and  for the record, I consider myself to be pretty Liberal.  But Chicken Pox Parties...what the *&$# are parents thinking?

For those who may want to  post all the "reasons" behind why parents are seeking out the Chicken Pox virus for their healthy it (please), I've read the literature and well, Pooie!

Note:  Before you continue to read this post , this is my own personal thoughts and feelings and in no way am I eliciting a debate of the pros and cons of immunization and/or Chicken Pox Parties. (Because they are beyond debate...they are just my humble opinion!)

For the sake of full disclosure, our children are vaccinated, for the most part.  We have "opted out" of the Chicken Pox vaccine...for now.  Both Daddy Dave and I believe that Chicken Pox is somewhat a rite of passage for kids.  However, I've had them, he hasn't.  Therefore, we are not totally "sold" on not getting them vaccinated.  Not because we are worried about them getting the virus but more because if Daddy Dave gets it, it could be a lot more complicated and dangerous.  Then again, we are also of the belief that if he didn't get them then, he is likely not to get the adult version now...his body has already developed it's own immunity.  (Crazy eh?  We are...sometimes.) Again, before I get posts about the mutated Chicken Pox around these days and how children are in WAY more danger and how natural immunity is a farce, save it (please), I've read the research and again, Pooie! 

I am just appalled that parents are actively seeking out contagious children who are suffering from the Chicken Pox in order to expose the virus to their own healthy children.  Even going as far as listing an AD on Craig's List or Kijiji....I kid you not!  I mean talk about taking the "fun" out of natural selection for childhood illnesses!  Sorry, but I can't help but make light of such a ludicrous "new age" way of immunizing our children.  If you really don't believe/support immunization then why not "let the cards fall where they may"?  I could sit here at the computer and argue FOR or AGAINST immunization (and make many more friends and/or enemies all at the same time) but we do live in a society that allows for free choice, so the points would be moot.  I do however, STRONGLY (can you tell) feel that this "House of Cards" (a.k.a. "free choice") is gonna come a tumblin' down and it ain't gonna be pretty! 

I kinda equate this whole "Chicken Pox Party" to the ideal of "Let's put our kids in the middle of the street and when a speeding car hits them...well, they'll be "immune" to the dangers of playing in the streets!"  Extreme?  Yes, I know.  But isn't taking your kid to a party infested with a virus pretty extreme too?

Oh,  if I happened to get one of these invitations, rest assure my R.S.V.P will read... Pooie & Pooie!

I promise Daddy Dave will be back on Donnerstag to Dish Next Week.  This whole "Chicken Pox Party Craze" had me WAY to worked up not to post....immediately!


  1. I can honestly say I've NEVER heard of these... even back in the "olden days" (when I was a child) and there was no vaccine. Doesn't sound like very much fun as far as parties go. I remember how painful and itchy Chicken Pox was - I was one of the few lucky kids who had it twice. :(

  2. I have heard of it on a blog somewhere a year or so ago. I have enough trouble taking my girls to the public library, where they usually pick up at least a runny nose...I think I'll have to pass on the Chicken Pox party! HA!

  3. that is ridiculous! that is all :)

    thank goodnesss South Africa is "behind" with these things LOL

  4. I have heard of this crazy idea!!! Shots, no shots they all still can get them. Tonya

  5. I can't believe no one has heard of these before! (Maybe it's a "country/back woods" thing.) It was pretty popular in the 50s-60s to invite all the kids over to play when someone had chicken pox. It was still happening when I was a kid though. (I was born in 74 BTW)I didn't know that it was coming back into "fashion". It makes sense with all the "pooie" about vaccines now.

  6. I didn't know these parties were still around. They were in vogue when I was a kid. But my mom never needed to even think about sending us since my sister got it at school and passed it to me and my brother. We survived, so will the kids who get it.

  7. Really? these parties are not "new"....I am shocked. I asked my mom, I'm a 70's kid too and she said she NEVER heard of such a thing. Hmmmm....another charm to small town, northern Canadian living I suppose! LOL!



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