Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Whole Lota "5's"!

I am linking up with Mama Kat for her Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop!

Assignment:  List 5 things we don't know about you, 5 things you're knowledgeable about, 5 things you know nothing about, and 5 things you believe.

5 Things You MAY Not Know About Me:

1.  I am deathly afraid of fire.
2.  I am addicted to eyeglasses.
3.  I ate an entire bag of " eggies" on Sunday night.
4.  I  speak "op" language fluently.
5.  I am a total sci-fi fan.

5 Things I am Knowledgeable About (or at least I'd like to think so!):

1. Parenting
2. Scrapbooking
3. Social Role Valorization
4. Cooking
5. IVF & Reproduction

5 Things I Know NOTHING About:

1. Parenting
2. Baking
3. Football (or any sport for that matter)
4. Gardening
5. The War of 1813..I Mean 1812! ;)

5 Things I Believe (in):

1. God
2. Reincarnation
3. The Supernatural
4. Santa Claus
5. Marriage

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wordless, Wordful or Whatever Wednesday Link Up!

Tomorrow is December 1st!!!  (Just in case you didn't know....LOL)

With Christmas Only 25 Days Away, You Likely Fall Into One of TWO Categories Regrading How You Are Feeling Right Now...Elated or Stressed!

They Say a Picture Says a Thousand Words. So, Tell Me Which Picture Below Depicts How You Are Feeling About Christmas Being Just Around the Corner...


Stressed- WHAT?!?! CHRISTMAS IS COMING?!?!?!? 
I'm a total Basket Case!!

I Would LOVE to See Your Wordless, Wordful or Whatever Wednesday Post...Link On Up!

Oh By The Way....this is the last day to ENTER my Latest Giveaway!!!  Low Entries so your chance are WAY GOOD!

Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm not here today. Nope. I'm not.

I was invited for "coffee and a chat" over at Melissa's house blog.  I invite you to "click on over" to MaMe Musings (Click Here to Get THERE!) to get in on the conversation. 

Today's topicThe Best Gift I Have EVER Received...

MaMe Musings

The Coffee is on and the company is worth the "click"...I promise!

I really...REALLY Suck at this Weight Watchers Gig!

Ok, so as a follow up to last Monday's post, (if you missed that then you can totally get caught up on my 38th year of life transformation by clicking here) I suck!  Meaning, I am to the left of the road this past week...

By Thursday of last week I had used up all my "extra points" for the week and I just couldn't seem to get through the rest of the days without going over my allotted points for the day....geeeesshhh!

The good news is that I didn't gain any weight but I totally didn't loose any either.  I have to keep reminding myself that this journey isn't about "maintaining" it's about "changing".

Anywho, I did make a commitment to post every Monday and I actually thought about avoiding it...making up some kinda of excuse why I wasn't "weighing in" but that defeats the purpose of my goal of reaching a healthy weigh and being accountable for how I get there.

I am giving it another go.  I will not give up.  I will persevere!!

Happy Healthy Eating Everyone!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spiritual Sunday- Christmas Everyday

Christmas is just around the corner...I am baffled at where this year has gone.  It's a reminder of how fast time passes and how precious our time on earth is. 

So many, including myself, get "wrapped" up in the hustle & bustle of Christmas,  often forgetting what the holiday is really about.  I found this poem while surfing the Internet and I just had to share it because I think it truly captures the TRUE Meaning of Christmas.  It's not meant to be just ONE DAY of the's suppose to represent the spirit in which we live our lives...each and every day.

Work of Christmas Begins

When the song of the angels is stilled,
when the star in the sky is gone,
when the kings and princes are home,
when the shepherds are back with the flocks,
then the work of Christmas begins:
to find the lost,
to heal those broken in spirit,
to feed the hungry,
to release the oppressed,
to rebuild the nations,
to bring peace among all peoples,
to make a little music with the heart…
And to radiate the Light of Christ,
every day, in every way, in all that we do and in all that we say.
Then the work of Christmas begins.

-- Howard Thurman, adapted--

Friday, November 25, 2011

Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday * Christmas Edition* Blog Hop!

Are You Ready For 5 Weeks of Christmas Carolling?  Can I get a "Deck The Halls"!?!?!

ME, Ginger of Just Another Mom of Twins and Becca of Because I'm the Mommy are hosting a "Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday Blog Hop CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!" 

Here is how you can join in on the Christmas JOY:
1.  Please Follow the TWO of "Us"  (we're so much more than just songs...LOL) If you're a new follower please leave us a comment so we can follow you back!
2. Pick A Song...any song that makes you wanna sing! Old-New-Country-Pop-Punk...anything goes. (Let's try to keep it family friendly if we can...LOL) If you want, tell us why the song makes you wanna SING!
3.  Add your link to the "Playlist"
4.  We'd REALLY like you to copy the Linky Code (just click on "get the code") in to your post so your blogger buds can join in on the fun or link back to the both of us so they can at least "find" the party, but you don't have to.
5.  We'd love to see the video of your song (which can easily be shared via but if you just wanna list your favorite song of the day, we're "cool" with that too!
6.  Hey, and don't forget to grab our button while you are at it.  (BCIMommy still likes it cause she thinks it sounds dirty. *teehee*)

Just Another Mom of Twins
My husband is a bit of a "Bah Humbug" kinda guy when it comes to Chirstmas...we couldn't be any different in this aspect!  I L-O-V-E Christmas & I L-O-V-E to sing Christmas Carols!
So, in an effort to get the Scrooge in my life "into" the spirit of Christmas I am posting HIS favorite Christmas Carol....Silent Night a-la Beyonce!


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