Monday, November 21, 2011

Weight Watchers...My 7 Day Journey!

My 7 Day Journey Through Weight Loss Using Weight Watchers Online...

On Monday I joined.

On Tuesday I started.

On Wednesday I cheated.

On Thursday I quit.
                                                 The Weekend was a TOTAL bust.

Today is Monday and I am ready to start ALL OVER AGAIN!  LOL! 

As part of my 38th year of life I have decided to give myself the gift of better skin and to get healthy.  Not skinny.  Healthy.  I have struggled my entire life with weigh issues.  I have never, nor WILL I ever be a size 2...4...6...8...10 or even 12.  I am most comfortable being a healthy size 14.  I use sizes rather than an actual number on the scale for TWO REASONS:

#1- Since I am 5"1 in height, that darn BMI/Ideal Weight Chart says I should weigh between 110-120 pounds.  Ya...Ok...Whatever!  The last time the scale showed those numbers I was probably 8 years old.  When I am a size 14 I feel healthy, I breath better, I have more energy and I look pretty darn hot! (I'm just sayin')

#2- It's the smallest wardrobe I own and the cloths are super cute & stylish! (Yes, I do have Rubbermaid's filled with clothes for all my different "weight stages". )

I have reached the highest size wardrobe I own and therefore it is time to get serious and get healthy!  By making it "public" on my Blog that I am taking the first step to shedding some poundage, I feel like it will help be more accountable.  I hate when I say I'm gonna do something and then have to shamefully admit I didn't...I hate that!  When it comes to anything and everyone else in this world, if I say I am gonna do it...I do. You can always count on me to follow through.  Always.   Just not when it comes to doing something for me.  I think I may need therapy? :)

Will you help me be more accountable?  Pleeeezzeee?!?!?! I'm begging really asking for your help friends...

Honestly, I have very little willpower and even less staying-power.  I have gone to some extremes in my life to loose weight which I plan to share over the next several weeks.  While I am successful, VERY SUCCESSFUL read, 100+ pounds lost, successful, I always seem to end up putting it back on. But now that I have children I feel that I have a responsibility to them to be as healthy as I can be.  Besides, I need to be around for a long time so I can continue to share my vast knowledge of this big 'ole world and impose upon them my sometimes crazy parenting philosophies. LOL!

I plan to post my successes and challenges every Monday.  Please feel free to ask me where the hell these updates are if you don't see them as this would be a good indication that I have quit...again.  I would love it if you also left your words of encouragement and/or reprimand...depending on how I have done for the week.  LOL!  

Is there anyone else out there that wants to join in on the
Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

 Let me know and perhaps we can start a Blog Hop Support that could be fun & motivating!
Until Next Week's "Weigh-In"....Happy Healthy Eating Everyone!

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  1. Hey Ging,
    Good for you in taking responsiblity for your own health and taking the bull by it's horns in giving yourself what you out of anyone I know deserves. If at any time, you feel vulnerable, please do not hesitate to call on me. I too am on a new road of taking charge in my health as we're not getting any younger - boo :( We can share in each other's glory! Love ya bunches and you go girl! :)

  2. Oops....Still learning how to Anonymous is "COLIS" lol

  3. I'm here to encourage and empathize. When I wanted to whip my body in shape earlier in the year, I did the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred for all of one day.

  4. Hey G- good for you! It is so hard to keep on track when you are busy with kids. My biggest temptation right now is the Hallowe'en candy that calls out to me every time I pass the cupboard!
    If you are into walking with the kids, or doing some sort of exercise, I will do a weekly challenge with you (set a goal to exercise X amount per week)

  5. Hi Ginger! Man talk about someone needing accountability- that's totally ME!
    I am in the same boat I just want to be healthy it's never about being a certain size for me.
    It's a matter of just doing it cause I know I'm never gonna "FEEL" like doing it.
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    I will keep tabs on your commitment and hope I can encourage you. It's ok to mess up but just keep going!

  6. Hi,
    I am all about being healthy and not weight size. Today I started my next 90 day challenge and diffentally looking for people to be accountable with. Look forward to reading your post about it :)

  7. Hey Ging. LOL...You're too much! Any wonder I love ya so much...I want on the accountability train LOL I am REALLY in need of it too!! I know you'll be a great one to start with considering how dedicated you are to EVERYTHING you do lol...How di I sign up lol

  8. Oh no...hmm...This week sure will be able to complete the progromme!

  9. i want to support you and help you! come to me for a new and exciting weekly workout routine..guess who? it will be part of the new and healthy you!



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