Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where's Waldo? I Mean Ginger!?!?!

I'm here.  Right here.  Oh, you can't see me can you?  Ok, well I assure you that I am here, in my home.  I have really fallen behind on my posts (I even missed Wordless Wednesday Linky...wth?) and I thought I should post a quick note to let me bloggy world friends know that I am in fact still alive. (Thanks Becca over at Because I'm the Mommy for checking in on me & my real world buddy Julie!) 

Halloween kinda sent me for a loop on Monday.  Man, no one told me it was going to be so busy getting 2 little ones ready and giving out Candy (That's a lie, my friend Nancy hates Halloween because of this and she DID tell me....LOL!).  Thank goodness my parents are up visiting because I am not sure how I would have got it all done?!?! I have needed to take the last few days to re-coupe...LOL!

Here are a few pictures of our Monday Halloween festivities & our night of Trick or Treating...

Grampa and I "helped" Ave & Bryce carve their very 1st pumpkins! 

We set up a "campfire", some chairs and made hot chocolate while we handed out Halloween treats to the kiddies! (We only got 38'd you guys do?)

Daddy Dave & I took the kids to a few houses to Trick or Treat! (There were not many houses with lights on...wth is going on around here?)  Bryce refused to carry his own candy pail and Ave was "attacked" by a little doggie  that licked her face (it freaked her right out)!


Grampa insisted we decorate and I am so happy he did...we had one of the best decorated houses in our area!! 

 In other news, I am heading to the mountains for a 3 day weekend of Scrapbooking....I am SO EXCITED!!!  I promise to be back in "full force" next week with my ramblings and nonsense...because I know you missed me! (Ok, I probably missed YOU more!)

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Raggedy Ann & Andy! Soooo cute!

  2. You are crazy! In a good way.

    I can't believe you had to recoup :)38 kids is a HECK of a lot.

    Enjoy your weekend away.

  3. Seriously, I was just thinking about you this morning (and how I've been a total blog slacker and a Songs that Make Us Sing Saturday drop-out recently)!

    Your post is proof that there is fun outside of blogging :-) You've been busy living! hahaha

    Enjoy your weekend away and I look forward to catching up with you next week!



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