Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Ornaments...A Family Tradition!

I am linking up with Mama Kat for her Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop!

Assignment: Have you decorated your Christmas tree? Share a favorite Christmas ornament.

We only have ONE of the FOUR Christmas trees I usually put up for this glorious holiday season.  However, since we are leaving shortly to go spend Christmas with my parents in the sunny state of Florida and will therefore, not be here, I only put up the little 4 foot tree.  You can take a peak at it here if you like.

When I saw that one of this weeks writing prompts was about sharing a story about a favorite Christmas ornament, I called my mom in Florida right away because her tree is FILLED with ONLY special ornaments.  Allow me to elaborate...

Shortly after my family and I started spending our Christmas's in Florida, it has been a treasured tradition that every year, a special ornament(s) is purchased and hung on the tree so we "remember" that specific year.  Needless to say, 30 years later there are quite a few "special" ornaments that hang on my parents tree.  I'd love to share a few of those with you today...

This one from 1986 is the oldest dated one my mom could find BUT I am POSITIVE there is an older one...I can't wait to get there and look!

It was after 1993 that I started to make sure EVERYONE had their own special ornament.
My first attempt STILL makes us giggle every year!  (At how UGLY they are and that I forgot to date them.  But seriously, where's the room to do that with all that HUGE writing...LOL!)

I "graduated" to purchasing ornaments and writing our names and year on them.  We all had Santa ornaments in 1999...This one is my Gramps who has since passed away.

I was "into" glitter in 2000...LOL!

In 2001 I got REALLY creative and got different ones that "resembled" each family member.  My dad is a GREAT BIG BEAR and owned his own business. (Hence the bear wearing a suit and sitting in front of a computer drinking coffee...LOL!)

In 2003 we all had Snowman in stockings.  Oh the memories!

These ones are one of my favorites...Angels it was in 2004! 

So you see, I couldn't share just ONE SPECIAL ORNAMENT because every year we have several.  This tradition is so dear to my heart that I have started it for Ave & Bryce.  By the time they leave home and have tree's of their own...they will have plenty of "special" ornaments to hang. 

OH WAIT!  They each have a Christmas tree in their rooms.  So, I guess they wont have to wait to decorate their own trees with memories.  What?  Doesn't EVERY kid have their own trees?  LOL! (If truth be known, mommy is particular about how she likes HER trees decorated so I "fixed" that by getting them their own trees and they can decorate them anyway they choose.  Clever...I know!)

Cheers To Christmastime Traditions! 

Sending a Special THANK YOU to my mom who always "drops everything" to help me out.  Thanks for getting daddy to take the pictures of the ornaments  (even if some of them are blurry...LOL!)  so I could share our family tradition with everyone!  Love you both so much and see you in 10 sleeps...


  1. I love ornament traditions! Every year until my grandparents passed away, they gave me an engraved silver bell. My hubby and I picked up, buying an ornament for us every year. And of course we started the tradition for the girls. This year (although I still have to buy them!), they're getting trains...they LOVE trains this year. :)

    How exciting you're going to FLORIDA to spend Christmas with your family! I know you'll have such a fantastic time and build such wonderful memories for your sweet babes!

  2. I love getting my son a new ornament each year! I love yours! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. I heard a woman describe that when her sons got married, she packed up the ornaments and gave them to them as a wedding gift. I have two, non-twin boys who have had an ornament purchased for them since the day they were born.

    I think ornaments are like pictures: they have a special memory tied to is fun to reminisce.

    Your twins are darn adorable. Glad to have found your site from Mama Kat.

  4. It wasn't until a few years ago that I started getting into buying a new ornament each year (and I honestly haven't done it each year, although I always intend to). I love the tradition you have; it speaks volumes about the closeness of your family and what you're passing down to your boys. And the fact that you're on a sleep countdown to when you'll be w/the rest of your family just makes me smile.

  5. My 3 kiddos have a tree in their rooms too. You aren't alone! We also get ornaments every year. My children will have BOXES by the time they are on their own because my Mom buys them some, the Hubs and I buy them 1, the inlaws buy them 1 and Aunt Sara buys them one too!

  6. Your ornaments are AMAZING in their own special ways! Love the glitter and love the angel too!!



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