Monday, December 12, 2011

My Little TuTu Snowman...I mean Snowgirl!

OH!  MY!  GOSH!  I just HAD to share this little "crafty" project I took on when my friend, Amanda posted pics on Facebook of her little girl wearing a multi-colored one in her SUPER CUTE Christmas photos!  That would be a TuTu I am talking about...sooooo cute!

This my girlfriends little girl, Hannah...isn't she ADORABLE?!?!?!

She emailed me the YouTube video she found. Here is the video in case you want to make one too!!! 

She said it was EASY PEASY except that she would add extra tulle to make the skirt more "poofie".  She was right.  It was EASY PEASY.  Adding extra tulle?  Well, I should have listened when she suggested an extra yard or two...NOT three or four...LMAO! However, I think my little Snowman...I mean, Snowgirl looks cute as a button, even though I could have gone without the extra yard or two of tulle...LOL!

My little Snowman...I mean, Snowboy, also looked cute in his matching "Snowman" shirt and white-washed jeans.  For the record, I "made" those matching shirts.  EASY PEASY too!  I purchased iron-on, printable transfers.  Made a word document with a S-W-E-E-T little head of "Frosty" and then printed on said sheets & ironed my little heart out!   Presto-magico... "smatching" Snowman shirts!  Ummmmm, YUP!  I AM Crafty People! *wink, wink*

I am sooooo addicted to these homemade Tulle Skirts that I am P-R-E-T-T-Y sure Ave is gonna have one in EVERY color...I shall keep you all posted.  (Because I know you wanna know...LOL!)


  1. That is an awesome tutu! And can I just say, you crack me up, Lady! :) :)

  2. Your tu-tu excitement is I am totally stealing your idea!!

  3. The Tulle is so pretty. Too bad I dont have a daughter and all my nieces have grown up.


  4. I love it! It's completely adorable, and she does look like a little snow princess!

  5. You are tu-tu excitable tu-tuday. (Sorry) But Ave does look tu-tu adorable. (I'm SO sorry)

  6. I LOVE THEM!! So cute! Too much tulle or not! I absolutely want to make these too! I just need some spare time...have any I can borrow? =)

  7. It turned out great! Isabella wanted to be a ballerina last year for Halloween and I made her a tutu the same way. I used tons of tule and it was super fluffy!!!

  8. I am IMPRESSED! And your babies are adorable... so is the other baby! :)



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