Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not to "TOOT" my own horn BUT I've had a pretty good 7 months...

As always, I am linking up with MAMA KAT and her pretty much WORLD famous Writing Workshop...

Assignment: This year in blog posts.  Choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share.

Ok, so I just couldn't resist the opportunity to "toot" my own horn when I saw this writing prompt.  I mean seriously...who would pass up the opportunity to share their most FAVORITE posts with the bloggy world?!?!

I decided to go through the past 7 months post "stats" and let YOU, the readers, decide what my most FAVORITE posts have been (excluding my giveaway posts & wordless Wednesdays because we ALL KNOW these get more hits that are really "deserved"...LOL!)

Without further delay, I present you with my "READER'S CHOICE TOP 7 POSTS OF 2011":

June- I Kinda Felt Like Mrs. Robinson the day that the "MEN" arrived to build our new fence!

July- I Felt Like I Was Back In College after visiting the Dentist and having NO RECOLLECTION of the events that took place there!

August- Do you ever wonder if kids grow up TOO FAST these days?   I've Been Thinking...Where Do The Children Play?

September- My husband has never understood the Bloggy World "thing".  He can't seem to wrap his mind around WHY? other people would read each other's blogs...LOL!  Being the GREAT sport he IS, he made FIVE SPECIAL INSTALMENTS  on my blog this year and well, he's kinda F-U-N-N-Y (or so you thought)!  Check out the one that got the most "hits"...Daddy Dave Dishes On Donnerstag (That's German For Thursday) Part II

October- After a "run-in" with a pompous male chauvinistic $#@* in the parking lot of Dollarama, I wish I would have told him that Your Badge Doesn't Intimate Me and Neither Does Your Gender!

November- This post gives you a quick overview of "moi"...what YOU may not know, what I know, what I don't know & what I believe.  A Whole Lotta 5's

December- Candy Cane Vodka...Can I get a "Joy to the World?!?!" Ummm....Enuff Said! (This post has had over 650 hits...LOL!)

Happy 3rd Last Day of 2011 Everyone!

Are you a member of this FABULOUS weekly workshop?  If not, you should totally go sign up...


  1. Toot away :)

    And I remember all those posts - I can't believe I've been around since the beginning!

    Thanks for this idea - I'm going to do it!

  2. Hahaha! Love your September post! Your husband's answer about your blog would be the exact same thing my husband would say. Ugh, I hear it nonstop. Whatever!

    Have a great 2012!

  3. A Happy New Year to you and your family too. I enjoyed reading your post though I dont always leave a comment.

    Keep blogging!




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